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      im 15 years old and im most likely pregnant. me and my boyfriend had sex on one of my ovulation days and he got all of his stuff inside of me. i took an emergency pill after 4 days which was one day late of the time that i was supposed to take it so i dont think it worked. the next week i threw up in the morning before i ate anything and i was feeling sick my boobs also got really full and alittle sore. so now im waiting till next week to see that ive missed my period.
      i want to have the baby but my boyfriend really wants me to have an abortion cuz he wants both of us to have a better future. he also told me that he’d be there for me all the way with whatever i picked. but right now im confused becuase i dont want to effect my boyfreinds future by my decision but i also do not want to get an abortion at all. what would any of you do?


        Hello there, My name is Meagan and I came across your post here and I wanted to drop you a line of encouragement and advice…first have you missed your period??? if so then take a test…call Option Line at 1-800-395-HELP…it is a 24-7 service that can give you the number and location of the nearest place where you can get a free and 100% confidential test done…if you have not missed your period then you could be getting sick form nerves or stress…sometimes if you are concerned with being pregnant your body will mimic symptoms….lets just take this one step at a time…me and you and the other Stand Up Girls on here….if you are pregnant then your world is going to change dramatically…whether you keep the baby or not…abortion does not "solve" "get rid of" or "fix" the problem…if you are pregnant then this is a baby not a problem….take a breath….you asked what any of us would do….well I personally Stood Up twice…I have two kids…both conceived out of wedlock….it has been a rough road at times but so worth it…it is so much easier to take care of my kids than it would be to wonder what they would have looked like, the sound of their whining at times is annoying but to know that they have breath in their lungs gives me a sense of Joy that I cannot describe, dirty diapers and messy rooms are not always fun or convenient when I am in a hurry but it takes less time than the grieving process that comes after an abortion, the 4 1/2 years I spent alone as a single mom were kind of lonely and depressing at times but I had my kids by my side to keep me smiling and they gave me a reason to live……I know people who have gotten abortions to "keep" their boyfriends or a roof over their head but in the end it will ruin that relationship and cause permanent scars in your heart…if your boyfriend is not "man enough" to stick by your side if you happen to be carrying his child then he is far from good enough for you….don’t let him push you into something you don’t want….this baby is yours too…you are the mom, if your parents refuse to let you raise this baby then plea with them for adoption but don’ t let anyone tell you that this baby is going to ruin your life or that abortion will "make it all go away" you would be surprised…do your parents know that you are sexually active??? maybe this will be a time when they will see that you are struggling and need their support the most….your mom gave you life…lets hope she will help you to give your child life also….if not there are so many resources out there anymore I know that you can find a way to give your baby life if you happen to be pregnant….these times are scary, but remember that you are not alone, and if you are pregnant we are all here to Stand Up with you, to help you through the rough days, to encourage you as a mom, to help you find resources available to you….if you find out you are pregnant please don’ t choose to suffer alone with the regret of abortion for the rest of your life, your are worth more than that and so is your baby….life doesn’t end at teen pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy or at any pregnancy at all….life begins there…maybe not the way we wanted it to sometimes but it will work out in the end….my kids have saved my life….they have not caused me to suffer or give things up, I willingly have given the things up that I have like the drugs and alcohol and sleeping around because of the life my kids gave me….you are still young, you haven’t been through the stuff I have, this might be the time in your life where this baby (if you are pregnant) will keep you from going down the wrong road and ultimately save your life….choose life for your baby and you will find life yourself…but…choose abortion and you are choosing to "live" with regret, shame, pain, suffering, and guilt….maybe even the possibility of never conceiving again or severe complications from the "proceedure" ,envy when you see others with babies, anger towards your boyfriend or parents,that doesn’t sound like "living" to me…. please call Option Line for the first step of finding out if you are pregnant, then we will take the next steps together….I and many others are here for you, you don’ t have to carry this weight on your shoulders…we will Stand with you…please write back and let us know ASAP….ok….Stand Up Girl…I know you can….With all my Love…Meg


          just follow your heart, no one elses


            im 17 and i got pregnant with my son right before my 16th birthday my baby lucas is now 6 months and he is the best thing that has EVER happened to me idk what i would do without him…..dont let someone impact your choice and having an abortion wont make anything better….it brings so much emotional pain and stress….you can do it and i hope your parents will support u as much as mine have


              It is YOUR decision that will affect your life and yours alone. Do not make it based on anyone else. I was told to have an abortion by my ex bf….I almost caved when he left me but I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t, not only because it has always been against my personal beliefs, but being a mother is such a wonderful thing! Please choose what YOU really want to do, because there is no going back sweetie. Good luck and God bless.



                I would keep the baby, It may be hard to care for a baby but you can do it.


                  [b][i]I Know Exsactly How Your Feeling Im 14 And Pregnant And For A While He Didnt Wannt The Baby But He Came Round After Time.. I Know Your Probly Feeling Alone Right Now But I Promise Your Not Because You Have Me:) Your Bf Will Come Round In Time He Jus Needs Too See That Your Serious About Your Decision .. I Never Reply Too Theese Thingz But I Felt I Had Too Because Your In The Same Position I Was Im Here Too Talk If You Need It .. You Already Have That Motherly Instinct And Thats Great .. Good Luck

                  All My Love Nicole..x[/i][/b]


                    sweet heart what you said about effect or boyfreinds future his future will be effected by your Pregnancy both your lifes will be effected. haveing a baby is so sweet. Im 26 weeks pregnant and im having a baby boy. I was not going to keep him but after i was thinking. that this could be the only kid i could ever have. Im so happy with what i did i love him so much and i cant even think about how sweet he is going to look with out crying. i am 15 to and my bf is 17 and we didn’t need a baby at are age but it happin and im so happy with what i did. if you keep your baby you will be happy. but when you find out if your pregnant think about what you want to do. it is your baby but do what you think is best for your baby.


                      hi my name is hannah. and my oppinon, i do not believe in abortions. and i think if you dont want to have the baby you can always think bout giving it up for addoption. i hope it help Hannah


                        if i was u i would keep the baby cuz, if u dont then u will have to live knowing u could’ve had a baby. i am 15 and pregnant. and i am keeping my baby. even though my mom says that i should get the abortion. i think that getting an abortion will only make u more depressed than what u really are already.


                          hey there, my name is Sarah and im 15 too. I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter… I had alot of people try to pressure me into getting an abortion when i was pregnant with her, but no one can make you kill your own child. If your boyfriend is MAKING you then maybe he aint the right one! You dont want a man who is gonna want to kill your own child do you? And you said that he will be by you with whatever decison you make, so i think you should keep the baby. Even if you dont want it for yourself then give it up for adoption and make another family happy. I say that everything happens for a reason, and your baby was sent from heaven to you for a reason. It wants to be with you. Please make the right decision.


                            Hey girl, more than likely he will come around. My bf was devistated at first. He didn’t want me to have an abortion or anything but he was real depressed and stuff about it. We were in a bookstore and I got a pregnancy book and showed him what the baby looked like then and how it would change over the next few months and after that he was great. And when I had my ultrasound done he was so happy and he just kept looking at the pictures over and over and now that she’s here he loves her to death!!!


                              first off all, you havent even actually been tested to be pregnant or missed a period so you don’t need to make any decisions like abortion before you even know if your for sure pregnant. if your not, then it will save you a lot of worry and id say dont stress about it too much until you actually know, then you can start deciding on things. anyways goodluck girl


                                Follow ur heart thats all u can do, only worry about u and ur baby, it will be hard be dont worry u will be okay…….


                                  Hey! well My honest, brutal opinion is to keep the baby if you want an if he doesnt want to be a part of his/her life then thats his fault, he’s missing out…WHy u wOrry ABout MessIN Up his Future?? The Two of YOu MAde The BABy noT juST you…SO i THInk he’s Either WIth You OR not At All…just CUz U have a BABy DoesnT mean U ruInED ur fUTure, U ruIn Ur fUtuRe Cuz U let It hapPen an DOnt Do anYthin To stoP it…so MAybe NOw U haVe added SomeTHIng Special, a Gift From God, But IF you HAve Faith THAt GoD will HElp, Ur Future And HIS FUture Will BE OKAy…HopefuLLy EverYthing WorkS oUT well! …. BRi….


                                    u obviously don want the abortion so DONT get it… its something that wud tear u apart for the rest of ur life… a baby doesnt ruin ur future… just makes it that littl bit more challenging but in a worthwhile way.. my life has gone from bad to amazing since i got pregnant… never been so motivated or close with my boyfriend.. every1s so excited…

                                    follow your heart



                                      your baby will be a blessin sent straight from God.God does not make mistakes.


                                        Hey there im seventeen just started and college and just found out i was pregnant. First of all i dont think a baby will give you any less of a better future. Lots of people go back to school and college and have a successful career. Just think of what you could be puttin yourself through just so you dont ruin your boyfriends idea of the perfect future.The damage going through an abortion or adoption could stay with you for the rest of your life maybe your boyfriend doesnt understand this but because its your body you should make sure you dont make any decisions you well as this both of you are responsible for what happened and therefore are responsible for the consequences. I know you are only young and it may seem hard but there is so much support for young mothers and im sure you’re family would support you even if your boyfriend doesnt. I guess all im saying is dont do something you may regret just because of your boyfriend. You are entitled to your opinion, its your body and at the end of the day the decision is up to you.
                                        Good luck with everything and i hope you make the decision that is best for you…


                                          I had the same problem. Im thirteen and my boyfriend told me to get an abortion. I was actually thinking about it but then i went to the doctors and then i saw her moving and her little heart beat. I told him all about it he was happy and he said that hes not going to tell me what i should do its really your decision if you want to keep the baby or not.

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