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      I have a big problem. my bf and I just had a baby almost a month ago….and 5 times we did the pullout method without a condom(I know stupid right:blush: ) n e way I’m not quite sure wen my fertile day is how can u find that out? and also I’m not on my period yet, I’m on and off bleeding from the aftermath of the pregnancy…wen r u suppose 2 get ur period after u juss had a baby?


        well you can go to and you can track your periods to find out when you are fertile.. best of luck


          dont do the pull out method when u have just had a baby. that is a really good time to get pregnant. u can get preggers really easy. be careful


            first off your not supposed to have sex for at least 4-6 wks after giving birth so that was your first mistake. and it could be up to 2mos after giving birth b4 your period starts again regularly. so good luck! and keep us updated


              First of all you shouldn’t have sex the first 6weeks after you gave birth or intil your stop bleeding, and you need to use a condom during the first few months so you don’t get a infection!!! If you are breastfeeding it can be another 5months before you get your period, so you can’t tell when you ovulate. Every girl is different but you can get pregnant before you get your period, because you ovulate a week or so before. You need to take care of your body and talk to your doctor before doing that. You have a baby to think about now so you shouldn’t put your self at resk that may stop you from being able to take care of your little one. Becareful and you should talk to your doctor.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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