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      Hey everyone,
      Im 16 and im about 10 weeks pregnant. My due date is January 19th 2007! Im very excited, as is the dad. When I first told my mom, she was very very mad but she came around and now shes excited too. We have not told the father’s family yet because his dad is away on vacation, he is comming back this month and we are terrified to tell them.
      Good luck all teen mothers!
      Wish me luck telling his family :S


        :cheer: hey I was looking through all the forums, im new to the whole Stand up website, and i saw your message…. well its kinda cool to actually meet someone like you because im also 16 and about 11 wks pregnant now. Me and my boyfriend are both happy and excited… we told our parents when i first found out, but it wasnt that great at the beginning… my due date is January 17th 2007 B) Im so happy about getting to see my baby, i havent got to see it yet, but i heard the heartbeat a few days ago… its so worth it….


          Hello Im almost 12 weeks preg now my first ultra sound is on July 6th..Im gunna find out if its twins.. hope to talk to you soon

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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