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      hiya im 16 and 6 weeks pregnant, i dont know what to do. My boyfriend is thinking to, i think he would like to have it. We have been gong out for over a year and we are deeply in love but we still go to school and are taking our GCSE’s in about 4 months. My mum knows and she says whatever i do shes going to be 100% surportive. I just dont know what im going to do. Have the abortion or keep my child?
      I want to go to college and then uni because i would absolutly love to be and infant or primary school children so would need to do my A levels. I need my GCSE’s so im worried i wont get them because wheni sit them i will be about 4/5 months pregnant.
      I do no that if i do decide to go through with it i will absolulty 100% think about my child before me. If i have money i wouldn’t even think about spending it on me before my child is sorted. Im only 16 and SOSO SCARED! When i fount out i was pregnant i cried and cried. With my mum and my boyfriend.
      I don’t know what to do, does anybody have any advice what they would do or what they have done. I really need some help.
      thank you


        wow..girl you dont know how LUCKY you are having your mom 100% behind you..but honestly i would keep my child…that baby is alive and part of you now and if you, your mom and your boyfriend are really supportive and they are going to help you through then girl that is ALL you need…you can and you WILL make it…i am always here if you need to talk:side:

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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