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      [color=#000080][size=4]im living proof that u can have your period and still be pregnant.
      because i still have my periods i didnt know i was pregnant till recentely.
      i just thought i would get a dicussion up on having ur period and still being pregnant. is there anyone else that is like this?[/size][/color]


        WOW ! How far are you pregnant? How did you find our? What does your docter say? Is everything okay with the baby? DO you know the reason why you are still having your periods???? SOrry for all the questions, but I have never ever heard of this before!!



          Hey girl, I’m writing you on here cause you sent me an e-mail and I can’t get back to you that way, so if you dont mind just write me again on my message board…cause you are 14 too, huh? Oh and by the way, I dont have that! : ) That is crazy that you can still have your period!


            YEP ive heard of it before but it would be hard dealing with that because you wouldnt know whether u were bleeding from miscarriage or not. How far are you darls?


              i just had my first appointment today. 🙂
              my doctor told me that "spotting" around the time my period was suppose to happen is normal.
              and im 11weeks 4days pregnant
              my due date is october 21,2007.
              it is really hard b/c i didnt even think i was pregnant till i was about 9 weeks along.
              and since im already 11 weeks along my doc. said not to worry about having a miscarriage, that my chances are very low. and as long as i eat healthy and exercise i will be fine.



                My friends mother didnt know that she was pregnant with her until she was five months because she was getting her period. She only had three months to get ready for baby number 3 because my friend was born at 8 months.


                  yesss! I had what i thought was my period for about 4 months! i didnt find out I was preg until i was 5 months along (i had also taken 2 tests that were both negative)


                    I knew a lady who had her period through out her whole pregnancy, but that is rare. Usually the first period could happen and it wouldnt be so abnormal but after it becomes a bit unusual. As long as youre being monitored by your doctor closely, you should be fine. Go to an OB right away though if this continues. Because family doctors dont have a clue.


                      yes i still got my period at three months but wound up lsing the baby


                        Wow, I’d be a little concerned if i was in your situation, bleeding during pregnancy is normally a cause for some concern and you are normally advised to seek proffesional advice from a doctor. You could also call the nurseline which is a great 24 hour service that can help you out with any questions or concerns you may have. If you’ve already talked to your doctor and everything seems a ok then all I can say is DAMN that sucks, I’ve loved these 8 months of being period free, I feel sorry for you that you’re not getting a break lol. Anyways best of luck with your pregnancy girl, write me back anytime,
                        lots of love,

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