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      hey, i am not a girl…but my wife is and she is very upset right now due to my having lost my job…and thus our medical coverage… she is around 3m pregnant and we had little money before… even tighter now… she says she isn’t ready… and that we don’t have the money… I tell her that we will be ready, that the money will come… at the moment the rent is due soon, and now we have to start paying out of pocket for her obgyn. Five payments of 480 bucks…eventually totalling 2400 dollars…by the time of delivery…we have been informed that the hospital bills are much higher than that… we are stressed right now… I found a new job, but coverage eligiblity starts at either 30 or 60 days…. I…we can’t stand the uncertainty. I hope she will gain some patience and hope… I also hope our finances come into order… I also hope all of yours come into order too…. oh, and I didn’t see any one mention, as far as financially EVERY state has some sort of discounted/free maternity care…and WIC (i understand) is very helpful for young children… don’t forget, that our country has programs for us!….


        is that how much it all costs in the US??? thats ALOT of money saying u need money when the baby gets there too! i’m glad i live in the UK now. free health serivce for everyone, u can go private but there’s not a whole lot in it really. u still get health visitors, scans, choice of water birth etc etc with the NHS. u would think somewhere like the US would have the same kina thing, i know u have some services but i didn’t realise it was hard for some people to get that support, whereas everyone gets it here.

        i hope ur wife does’t make a choice based on money tho, because that always sorts its self out. family and friends are always willin when it comes to a baby. and like u say after a month or two u will have some medical covering from ur new job, so u won’t need too much till then. if it really is a struggle, has ur wife got extra time for a part-time job? or have u?

        is ur wife nervous about having a baby for other reasons tho? cos maybe she just needs some more emotional support from u. it is a BIG change.



          hey it is nice to see that some guys care. thanks for coming on and asking. well there is programs for people like you… well …what state do you live in…. and email me at anytime and i can help you set something up. just keep wishing and letting your wife know that you love her and that you are going to support her in everything. you guys can do this. i watched my sister go through this and everything is ok. it will all turn around.
          email me so we can talk more. my heart goes out to you.


            I know a lot of people look down on people for this, but there is always the state to help you out until you can get on your feet. The programs are put in place for people who are trying and still can’t make it.I had medicaid through al of my pregnancies. It took me and my husband 7 years after my first son was born, but now he is 10 and we are fine. It will work out with patience and love.


              chutney wrote:

              is that how much it all costs in the US??? thats ALOT of money

              Chutney, that’s the cheapest part. If there’s a C-section, you’re looking at more, not to mention the hospital bill for mom and baby. My son was in NICU because he was premature. The bill for the first month was $98,000 back in 1994. Thank God we had insurance and he qualified as disabled at that point, so we got Medicaid for him until he came home. He was there 16 weeks (exactly how early he was).

              Jake, some insurances do consider a pregnancy a preexisting condition, so you will want to check on that with your new insurance. They may pay all, part, or none of the pregnancy-related expenses. Check out whether Medicaid will pick up retroactively when the baby is born if your insurance won’t cover it. And should you qualify for WIC/other gov’t help, don’t let it lapse or miss appointments, or they can cut you off. It’s like you’re saying no thanks to them.

              I too was in your position once. Tell your wife it’ll be okay in the long run, but in the meantime, keep track of every unnecessary expense like eating out rather than at home. Cut back where you can and stick to a tight budget. It all helps. Good luck!


                wowu guys get it so tough in usa. i live in nz and everything is free while you are preg, u never pay 4 an appointment or anything medical. including anything at the birth. far must suck to live in usa


                  there is sooo much help if youre willing to accept it- if theres no insurance then there is medicaid for pregnant women that takes over to the baby when it is born. if the mom has insurance then it can be used as seconday insurancefor her or the baby is covered under mom’s primary insurance for the first 30 days. WIC is a great help for formula, milk, and all kinds of stuff. if you really need help then there’s TANF- its a long list of help i mean good Lord thats why we pay so many taxes.

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