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      Im 16 years old and just found out Im pregnant. The father told me to either get an abortion or he would leave me. Idk what to do. Im so against abortion and I dont think I could live with that kind of guilt, but I love him and would do anything to make him happy. Im so scared and confused. So many people keep telling me different things. Please any advice or experiences would be great. Please help me



        You do not need to have an abortion just to please your boyfriend.there are plenty of people out there that will help you get through your pregnancy and there after. you are not alone. i got pregnant when i was 17. about ready to go into my senior year. my bf at the time was only 16… we both made it through school and graduated on time. yes it was a struggle not being able to go out with our friend or do things we used to do, but the joy and love you get as a mom the first time your baby kicks it the best feeling in the world. i would not for one second change our decision.our daughter is now almost 3 and is in perfect health.if I had decided to go get an abortion i would have never gotten the chance to see her start potty training, or learn her first word. bottom line is your baby already has a heartbeat,and is starting to develope organs and lungs to breath on its own… your baby has life now!

        please dont get an abortion. there are places in your area pregnancy resouce centers that will help you get on track .the help line can get all that info for you. the number is 1866 942 6466 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1866 942 6466 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. also please keep in touch with me i would love to talk with you through it or if you have any more questions!



          I think getting an abortion would be the worst thing you can do. Even if this was an unplanned pregnancy, getting rid of the baby is not the way to go. If you don’t think you can handle it you should think of adoption but do NOT listen to your boyfriend, he’s just being immature & not wanting to take care of his responsibilities. The love you say you feel for him will not ever compare to the love you can feel for your baby, trust me. I won’t ever put a guy in front of either of my daughters because guys are never sure of what they want. If you have people to support you along the way then you should have your baby, it may get really hard, I’m not saying it’s going to be fun & easy all the time but you can get through it, after all motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman.


            Idk how I will be able to do it alone though . How did you do it ?


              we can talk through the chat room if you like. i have opened it up .. go to the front page of the site or up to community and click on chat room.. πŸ™‚


                Think twice before you listen to him. Do you really think he cares about you if he wants you to kill his child? Dont get an abortion just to make him happy, you’re the one who will have to live with it and the guilt. I got pregnant at 15, and had mt son at 16. I’m almost 17 now, and I’m doing good. There is always adoption if you decide not to keep the baby. GOOD LUCK!

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