Pregnant and don’t know what to do. Need support.

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    Lizzie Lou

      I’m 18 and believe I am 12 weeks pregnant.

      I took three tests (all positive within seconds) but have not seen a doctor because I don’t have insurance so I’m not exactly sure how far along I am.

      I am a full time student right now at a local university and my boyfriend is a medical assistant. He is 20 and we have been together 2 1/2 years.

      I told my mom a week ago and she is so mad at me. She wants me to get an abortion or give the baby up for adoption. She makes me feel so horrible about the entire situation even though it was a complete and total accident.

      My boyfriend’s mom is being completely supportive of what I want. She is the only one.

      Abortion was NEVER an option. I am pro choice but for myself I am pro life. I know that I should seriously consider adoption but I see myself regretting it for the rest of my life and falling into a deep depression.

      I want to keep this little baby inside of me. I already love it. I thought that my boyfriend wanted the same but then tonight he told me that we should give the baby up for adoption because he doesn’t think he can beat his inner demons and step up in time for the baby.

      I just don’t know what to do. I feel like everyone is against me and that if I keep the baby, no one will be around to help me. I feel so lost and all I want to do is cry. I wish my mom would be supportive of what I want but that’s just not who she is. I just don’t know what to do.

      Any advice would be deeply appreciated.


        Its up to you but I could never choose adoption myself. My little angel makes me the happiest I ever been. When Im down all I need is to hold him and I feel so much better. I love holding him all the time and I love taking care of him even when he keeps me up at night. I never knew I could love somebody as much I love my lil man. I want whats the best for him and I know it is to be with his mommy. He loves when I hold him and he is the most beautiful little life I ever seen. Do what you want but there will be a attachment between you.


          i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant and 18 when i had her. i kept her and dont regret it at all! my parents were so upset and told me to get an abortion too, but i told them no and proved to then i was a responsible mother. im also a single mother as well. and your boyrfriend not being there, well that just means hes immature and irresponsible. when you have sex, you know the possible consequences and have to be willing to accept them if they happen. i would suggest keeping your baby! you’ll never have any regrets! and when you hold that baby for the first time, its a love like youve never experienced! its not easy! but its worth it! and there are programs out there that are meant to help you! i know exactly what your feeling! i went through the exact same emotions! but it will all die over and people will get used to the idea of you having a baby and will eventually rejoice it! YOU CAN DO IT!


            The first trimester is very important in a baby’s development. So you need to see a dr asap. I myself didnt have insurance when I first found out I was pregnant but was able to apply and qualify for Medicare. They have a plan for women if youre pregnant. As far as your decision(keep/adopt/abort), its 100% your decision. Your bf may say he wont be ready but often times, once the baby is born, something just snaps in their head and theyre ready. Even if thats not the case, I can tell you from experience, your family will come around and you can do this without the support of the father if you have to. Your mom is mad now but all parents are upset/diaappointed to some degree but eventually get over it as well. Mine did and now they love their granddaughter so much. If you need to talk, just msg me. Good luck!


              Hey 🙂 Ok as far as insurance you should check into medicade its called pregnancy medicade and that should get you seen by a doctor. I think you should keep the baby becasue im sure there would be thoughts later on in life and believe me the first few months of pregnancy is rough have to break the news to people and to feel like you let so many people down but believe me it will get better all in due time and by the time the baby get here every one would be so in love with the little one you’ll be glad you stuck to ur guns and not have chosen neither abortion or adoption :cheer: Good luck


                My name is Katrina and heres a little advice for you.
                I was 14 when I got pregnant 15 when he was born. I knew that abortion wasn’t right and therefore it wasnt going to happen. I never thought of adoption either. I had him for a year and a half then I gave him up for adoption, thank godness he was adopted quick!
                I can tell you that was the best thing I did. totally selfless. I am just now getting it together. He is really happy and I gave two people a huge blessing.
                If you know that you can’t do it, think about your baby hun. He/She would appreciate anything you do honestly. I do believe in you, you can get through this.


                  If u want to keep the baby then do it because at the end u have to deal with wat u decided while every one else move on with there lives… My sister was n the same position every body wanted her to get an abortion but at the end of the pregnancy every one came around to the ideal oh her haven the baby… She know has a 9 month old son who every one adores and always want to watch… Untel night comes lol


                    If “Adoption” were a person, it would need a new press agent. Adoption isn’t the worst choice; my cousin was given up years ago and eventually searched for and found our family again. She has had a good life by anyone’s standards. Sure, she had hurt feelings about being given up; but her adoptive family was able to afford her college education, through which she found a job which put her in accidental contact with all of us. it was so weird when she “found” her family: she had become a teacher and was actually teaching her younger siblings! It was so wonderful to find out she was related to us cuz everyone liked her anyway.



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