pregnant and bled for half a day and stopped

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      i bled from the morning until midday the bleeding was quite light and i didnt have any pain. there were a few small clots too. i went to the hospital and they scanned me and said evrything looks fine but i have to come back in 2 weeks so they can see the baby as its still early.

      im so worried that somethings wrong and all sorts of thoughts are going through my mind right now. i just hope the babys ok.

      has anyone experienced anything like this and what do you think



        Having a couple of little clots is odd, but I wouldn’t worry about it if you didn’t have any pain and the bleeding was light.

        I know that it is nearly impossible not to worry, and it is really scary when something like that happens, but really try not to stress about it ok? You could end up hurting yourself and the baby if you get too stressed out. If the hospital said that everything looks fine than try not to think about it unless you start bleeding again and it is heavier.

        I hope everything ends up good! 🙂


          Uw I’m praying everything turns out okay hunni xxx


            i am about 11 weeks pregnant now and just after i found out i bled for a few days mine was light with little clots and i had no pain either too i have had a scan but i was told not to worry and that it happens sometimes good luck hope everything goes ok for you

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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