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      I am 15 and i just found out that i am pregnant just 2 weeks ago I got back from the womens pregnancy center here in Ocala, Fl and my mom was sitting on the couch looking out the window when i came through the door she already knew because the way i looked in my car… i cried and cried i have no idea what i am going to do with a baby my 19 year old sister just now had a baby boy on Feb 15 and i found out only 2 days later that i was pregnant actuallly it was the day she and the baby came home from the hospital i told the father of the baby and he asked me 3 times in like 5 minutes to get an abortion and i continueously told him NO i would never enen consider that i was capable to get pregnant i have to be capable to take care of my baby no my due date is October 19 and i am so scared and stressed its crazy i would have never thought i would be pregnant this sool i ahve no idea what i am going to do with a baby im too young but i look at it like i wasnt to yound to get in this position so now i jus thave to deal with it and figure out a way to make a life good enough for me and my baby even if i ahve to do it myself because needless to say the father most likely wont come around… i wannt to thank you for opening this website it is really helping me out THANK YOU…..Love Trina


        hey girl,
        I know this is extremely frustrating, scary and overwhelming all at the same time. Know this though-you can get through this, you can be an awesome mom and you and your baby can have a wonderful future together. God doesn’t make mistakes….
        My baby will be nine next week-I was 15 when I had her and wouldn’t change it for the world. I will not tell you that being pregnant as a teen will be easy-it will shape the rest of your life, build your character and force you to press on towards your goals when all seems lost!
        Hang in there! Don’t hesitate to ask for help from those of us who have been there!


          Hey hon…I know EXACTLY how you feel. I got pregnant at 16 and my father asked me to have an abortion. My mother was really supportive thank goodness. Abortion never entered my mind. My daughter is now going to be 14 this year, and every time I look at her I am so thankful I didnt. I dropped out of school, but went back and got my GED and am now going to community college getting a nursing degree. I hope you mom is working with you on this. Family is a great sense of support. As far as the father, if he keeps asking you to get an abortion tell him he can either be part of your and the babies life or not. If he really cares about you he’ll stay. If not your better off, as much as you probably dont believe it. I am married now and have a son, and my husband treats my kids like they were his own.If you EVER need anyone to talk to you can email me at Good luck hun!


            hey girl! omg i can relate to you soo much!!! its krazy kuz first of all my names katrina but everyone calls me trina and when i first THOUGHT i was pregnant i was only 15 too and when i told the guy he too tried to pressure me into having an abortion.then,after he got it into his thick mente (head) that that wasnt gonna happen he throws some b.s in my face telling me that he hasnt been truthful 2 begin with,that he had some other girl 2 months pregnant with his baby.girl…i couldnt handle that! i just hung up on him and we didnt talk for 2 or 3 whole months.but then i seen him again and we started "talking" again and we started messing around like we used to and now i ended up RIGHT WHERE I STARTED FROM i think im pregnant again but im afraid to tell him b kuz i dont want him to trip on me and whoo whee!!! if i am i know for a fact! that i would dissappoint soo many ppl in my family! bkuz first of all my family is REALLY close and you cant tell one adult anything without everyone knowing by the end of the day so they all think im a virgin and just recently my younger cousin ran away and told her dad when she got back that shes been having sex and that was just a surprise to EVERYONE xcept 4 me bkuz i already knew bkuz us younger kids are real close and tell eachother everything but yea the adults think im a virgin and to bust out with me being pregnant will shock and hurt soo many ppl! i know i should have been honost to begin with but i lost my virginity at a young age i was only 13 and have been having sex since. and now im 16 but yea i just wanted to say keep ya head up gurly and stay strong! never depend on a guy for support bkuz most of them dont know how to give it. k lubbinz n respeckz ya girly ~*~*~*sWeEtZ*~*~*~


              🙂 girl me and u are pretty much goin through the same thing then
              i found out that i was, just about a week ago and im 15 too i didnt kno what i was gonna do, how i was gonna tell my mom, if the father was gonna be there, if i was gonna be able to support it. but finally i told my mom she was pissed but i kno shes there for me we talked it over and i made her understand that i did this, it was my responsibility, she finally accepted it and now im fine the best advice to give u is exactly what others are telling me……keep ur head up, be strong, accept what u did……u should really look at this as a blessing its kool u kno i already picked out a name if its a girl i want it to be carmen renee’ hopefully the daddy of ur baby will come around cause mine didnt so good luck to u
              a friend wrote a note to me and im gonna let u read it lets just say it made me cry and stronger (that sounds korny) but hopefully it will work for u to and help u out
              ~GODS SPECIAL GIFT~
              every female is scared of being a bad mom.
              every girl feels she will fail her child.
              but when u find out for sure, and u can feel that little child inside u
              you become so protective
              you want nothing to hurt that unborn baby
              everything happens for a reason
              GOD probably put that child in you to show you how to care and love it

              well i hope that helps and if u need anybody to talk to at all dont be afraid to talk to me ok


                Hello my friend:

                Have your baby. Keep your head up and do whats best for you. There are so many agencies out there that will help you through and after your pregnancy. They also help you with your education and what ever else you want to do in life. I have many friends who have had children at your age and have really made it. Also continue to ask god for stenght and guidance. Also if you ever decide to not keep your child there are so many families that would love to adopt…..Keep the faith.


                  Hey girl, I know how you are feeling. I am fifteen right now and about 8 months pregnant. This April my son will be here any day. When I found out that I was pregnant, or when i thought that I could be, was one night when i snuck out to see my boyfriend and he asked if i thought i could be… Pregnant. Well I was kind of confused because, no that never even crossed my mind. but then after awhile I started freaking out about it and haveing these dreams that I was. so I got 20 dollers from my mom one weekend and had my friend go out to the store and pick me up a pregnancy test that was at least 98% accurate. When she did we went into the movie theater where she worked and took the test… at frist it was just one line and that ment "no", so i took it out of my friends hand and about threw it away… But when I grabed it she told me to hold on, slowly the second line came, my heart just felt like it was shuved down my throat. All I kept saying was, no.. this has to be wrong! (it was only 99% accurate) so a few weeks later i got more money and bought another test, that well ended up positive also. I didnt know how to tell my boyfriend.. I wasnt even aloud to be WITH him in the first place, and now i was pregnant with his child. Later that day, i seen him walking to his cousins house, so i ran after him to tell him the news, he said, well he didnt really have to say anything i could see it in his eyes that he was scared. him and i went to the community schools benches because that hid us from the public, and from the police. All I thought i could say was Sorry, I felt as if it were my fault. And he said sorry back and gave me a hug, then he said that he mise well just start gitting into trouble again because hes going to prison anyway now. Yeah, something you just want to hear… :angry: I told him that the test could be wrong. and that i will go to the health dep. tomarrow, when i did the woman took me into a seprate room, asked me my age, and asked if i was willing to be a mother. I was pregnant, and there was no turning back. When my mom found out, she said i wasnt having the baby and that i had to get an abortion, that didnt even cross my mind (like you said) to me I think its like killing someONE who never asked to be borne. and thats not right. But here i am rambling.. I kinda just wanted to tell you that if i can be 8 months pregnant and feel like its okay, and not dred over the fact, then you also can be happy at 8 months. Right know, I’m aloud to be with my boyfriend and I get along with my family more then i have ever… and even though i have lost alot of my friends, including the one who bought the tests for me, I still have my family My boyfriends family my two great friends and God. I thought he was angry at me for a long time, but really, he has a reason for all of us pregnant teenage girls, and we will some day relize why. Dont give up on anything esspesoly school, your child is depending on you, and will look up to you. I love you! and so does your child. 🙂 and do me a favor… tell your baby i said Hi, when you see him;/her. Love always Magen and if you wanna email me please dont be scared to! my email is


                    I know what your going through i got pregnate at 15 to and it is alot of things going through your mind right now. I know it is hard but trust me i come home to my son everyday and i wouldnt change it for the world because when you come home and see your child you will say to yourself it was worth it and no matter how bad your situation gets there always there for you and need you. Hope you make the right decision.

                    Hey if youever need advice or want to talk just email me im 16 and i have a 14 month old son and was in the same situation that you are.


                      im 15 and i think im pregnant..the reason im replying is because were both 15 i really need support right now…we can talk get back to me..


                        i know what it feels like too. im 16 and im 7 1/2 months pregnant and it hasnt been easy i went through alot and me and my babies father isnt together anymore because he chose to sell drugs and drop out of school and even go to jail. but my family supports me alot. dont get me wrong it wasnt always this good my family kinda didnt want anything to do with me at first but as time flew by and they seen how determined i was to give my daughter a good life they came around and wanted to help me. im glad i kept my baby and didnt do what everyone else wanted because i love her soooo much and became soooo attached and to think she’s not even born yet. now i understand how women fall in love with their baby at first sight. 🙂 you’ll be fine


                          hey, i’m 16 years old. and i think i might be pregnant…. i’m afraid to go buy a test… my boyfriend calls me about everyday asking me if i’ve started my period yet because he’s really worried about it…. i keep telling him "not yet, but don’t worry" i tell him that to keep him calm, but i’m really getting worried, my period was supposed to start around the 27th, and it’s the 31st and still nothing…. i dont know what to do…. i’m getting really scared….

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