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      i have an eight month old son. and im thinking i could possibly be pregnant again. i had gotten my period about 3 weeks ago. my periods are always irregular though. like the day before i got my period i had unprotected sex a few times and my boyfriend didnt pull out. then about 2 weeks ago the same thing happened. i feel pregnant. but im not sure if i would feel symptoms yet because i didnt with my son..but ive been feeling really naseous to the point i dont even want to eat, im having hot and cold flashes, headaches sometimes, and im really tired. is there a possibility this could be from pregnancy? or is it too early to tell?


        Depends on what type of test you use. I found out i was pregnant this time 10 days post conception but i had a ‘feeling’ i was before that. I think more ppl tell 2-3 wks post conception.


          it all depends on how you feel. you’ve been through this before so you would probably be able to tell whats going on.

          dont stress to much until you take a test.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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