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      hi i am new here and have already had one abortion coz i had a one nite stand which i dont regret coz the father did not want anythin to do with it, and now im pregnant again and yeah i work full time and my partner is only twenty im not sure i can keep this baby either i have not told anyone about this even my parents I am pretty scared not sure i can go through with losin another one, but i dont think my partner is ready


        Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wonder if it is a boy or a girl? I hope you post lots of pics of your pregnancy & new baby – there are lots of girls on StandUpGirl who can offer you support!


          Congratulations on the pregnancy!
          Just go through it day by day — just watch, it’ll turn out alright, although it must be scary atm!
          Hope everything works out, best wishes, Kat:)


            dont be scared of talking about this, if you want this baby then you should do what you want


              If you are on here worrying about if things will work out or not, it sounds like you have half a mind to keep it. When it comes down to it it is your decision.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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