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      Pregnant? Me? After being kinda premiscuous for the last year and a half, and only sometimes using protection, I guess it caught up with me. But Me and my boyfriend thought we were being careful….just didn’t strat using condoms right away….STUPID US!! Well, last night in my parents’ bathroom I found out what strikes fear in my heart: its the little "plus" symbol on a pregnancy test the indicates a bun in the oven. So I went to the doctor today to find out for sure and, now I know for sure. I’ve been told that I have ten days to make my decision: stay pregnant or don’t. I have eyt to talkt o my boyfriend, who, by the way, already has three boys from a previous relationship. I can’t help but think, this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. I wanted to get marreid, enjoy marreid life for a bit, then start a family. What if we break up? Who would want me then? But at the same time, I don’t know if I could go through with an abortion. Well, that’s my story.


        [b][color=#0000FF][i]hey chick,
        hang in there. these things have a way of working themselves out if you try not to worry to much about it. i don’t know if you’re a religious person but the Bible say " do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of its own." i’m not sure if i got that completely right, but see it for yourself in the book of Matthew chapt 26 i think. but wat its basically saying is worry is a sin and to put your worries troubles and bourdons on the Lord and trust that he’ll take care of you. it a comforting thought that i thought you might like.
        ~Peace and Love~ Niquole (Nicole) 🙂 [/i][/color][/b]


          i guessi am in the same boat as you. but abortion isn’t on my to ponder lists. lol. i have watched an abortion video and looked at all the pictures. sorry but this is my baby not my accident not something 70-100 bux will get rid of. if he has 3 kids already maybe he should of learned the consiquences. it takes two so tell him. and i am worried baout the relationship with me n my guy, but what you have to do is look at the future of that baby. have you told your parents yet? Everythign is going to be okay just don’t get disccouraged causing depression isn’t good for the body. much love and stay strong chicka!



            If you are not sure you want to keep the baby, then seriously consider adoption.


              Sweety, carefully analyse your current situation. Your age? Have u finished school? Are you in a position to get a job a.s.a.p? And big if…if your relationship doesnt work out, how dependant are you on your man?

              You will pull thru, as long as you make the decision for yourself, and not let anyone decide for you.

              Remember, we can only guide you, inform you about the options and risks.

              But only you can decide for youself in the end.

              My thoughts are with you.


                Hey. Hang in there. Im 16 years old and im 5 months pregnant. Read some of the girls stories on here about abortion. theres so many other ways. I mean, i cant get a job, my fiances 22, im still in highschool, and i lost all my friends and family except my brothers and mother. But im keeping it. when you feel it kick for the first time and when you see the sonagram, you’ll understand that its not a mistake, its a blessing and no matter how bad the situation is, you’ll love it no matter what. i alreeady love my bun to pieces and its not even outta the oven yet :p

                -liss :silly:


                  Hey, iknow being pregnant might not be your idea of a way to spend part of your teen years but i also know that i would neverregret having my son.i’m 16 and i have a 5 month oldson he’s my world and i would never change getting pregnant.YOUR child deserves a chance at life an chance to become something a chance to live.

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