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      I posted a blog, or attempted to post a blog about this, but I haven’t seen it yet so I’ll just write it in the forums too. I’m a sixteen year old girl and I live with my mom, little sister and my mum’s ex-boyfriend. About a month ago I snuck out and had unprotected sex and since then I’ve missed two periods. I took a pregnancy test (about a week ago) but it came back negative. I only just found a tool on this website called the pregnancy calculator, curious I tried it. If I am pregnant I am three weeks and one day gone. So when I took the test it was only two weeks, my friend raged, saying it was too early to tell and she has urged me to get another test in a couple of weeks. To put both her and my mind at rest, I’m getting another test. I don’t know if it’s worth it though, even though I am feeling different, I don’t know if it’s just my body playing tricks on my mind. Here are my symptoms, and then you guys can tell me whether it’s worth buying another test. I’m feeling tired, bloated, nauseous, been getting random headaches and temperatures, I had spotting when I was about ten days late for two days and then it stopped, my boobs don’t hurt, but it feels like they’ve been getting bigger. At the moment that’s all the symptoms that I’ve been feeling. So based on that do you think it’s worth getting another test? Please tell me what you think 🙂


        hey girl,
        yes. I would definately take another test. I mean, having those symptoms does not automatically mean you’re pregnant… but they are indicators. And even if you’re not, i think it would be worth it to put everyone’s mind at ease and know for 100% certain. I’m here for you either way 🙂


          PLS HELP 🙂


            Hiya 🙂 Take another test in about ten days, just to be 100% sure. It could always be stress, a change in diet or even excersising more than usual that can cause a late period.My BFF thought she was pregnant and it turned out to be IBS (way random).

            Good Luck and keep us posted.
            Love Eva


              Being or not being pregnant is something oftenly misunderstood by many youths. The best judgment is obvious and simple and this is what docs do, so since this is a public page, i will use one of the easiest languages to grasp.
              1. Do a historical update and according to what you say, this strange change in behavior of your body hormones concides with the recent unprotected sex.
              2. Confirm from your boyfriend how deep he got into you, i mean boys can tell when they have released semen which ladies can tell probably during the act, if you recall, do you remember him falling back as a sign that he is tired, if so he did release and you dont have to ask him for anything.
              This though has exceptions and atimes semen leaks out even without the vigorous act.
              3. Observe your body changes and remember the body is a very complex thing to deal with. any messing up of its system really shows up to extremes and this usually has got a high price tag on it! Many clinical signs look a like and i need you to understand this, so dont be quick at making judgments.
              4. if you opt for the test, ensure your psychologically ready for any orientation of the results, the test wont change what it reads, be ready to accept the results hence forth. This can easily be done by seeking out aid from a confidant or a professional counsellor as oftenly family members are so cold to the whole idea.
              5. Assuming the test is postive which is your most deadly fear and as per the mission of the site, do what you will have decided to do and remember the decission still remains with you to do for the consequences will be yours to bear, not me not even your boyfriend as many guys nowadays are so unstable and childish*
              6. Dont blame yourself for the past, what transpired did happen, deal with the current situation at hand and endover to stand up. its your life, you live it, you define it and we make life what it makes itself to be….this will be your defining moment.
              7. Remember all choices are risky, and if you still have the support of your boyfriend, perfect, but if it not so, then you have to think fast, no time for baby sitting.

              Talking about abortion, its always advised and safest before the lapse of 2months because by then the bones havent yet formed and basically its all soft tissue which can either be easily manipulated by the Doc or resorbed by the maternal tissue or else risk mumification with subsquent metritis which would robe one of the joy of child bearing i.e if you endear being a mom in future, so i hope you see the point, different people have different choices and their options vary.

              IF YO NOT PREGNANT*****
              Dont risk again!
              Have your goals in life defined clearly to you
              and work upon them…
              No boy will ever ever give you what they purport to offer especially under yo setting than complicate yo life and jeopardize yo future. Am a guy too and what am telling you is through ma observation of many failed relationships which are oftenly considered as exceptional relationships and destined to success.
              I believe and really understand especially now, if someone really loves you, they are always ready to consider your interests at hand! living a superficial life does no good and leads to nowhere but a deadend i mean a checkmate if you play chess*****
              i love you and hope this will help you as you go through this defining moment of your life.


                i would like to point out that by the 2 week of pregnancy your baby has a heartbeat.. so by no means is the baby JUST n means is a baby ever JUST TISSUE..


                  I thought I should let everyone know that I took the test again and it came out negative, so I don’t have to worry anymore 🙂

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