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      well two and a half years ago when i was fourteen i was pregnant and my mom pressured me into an abortion and i (stupidly) agreed and i still regret it to this day. fast forward to now and im pregnant again and i really want to keep it and so does my boyfriend but neither my boyfriends or my parents are supportive which means we dont really have a place to live. yet. and he doesnt have a job yet and i am going to have to quit mine because it involves a lot of heavy lifting and the smell makes me nasaues. i come from a poor family and i know what its like but i just cannot give up my child. i really have no idea what to do, financially speaking.


        First of all, i admire the courage you have not to go for an abortion. If i did the maths right you must be 16 and a half? Are you still at school?


          Having an abortion is a choice, and not having one is a perfect choice. Stand up for yourself and you baby. (:


            yes, ill be 17 soontimes.
            and im doing highschool by correspondance.


              Can’t you just get cash assistance from the government? Look this up on google or something…ways to get government assistance to take care of your baby. It varies based on the state you’re in I believe, so I can’t give you a specific source, but look this up. You need to hurry and find another job and look for ways to get assistance as well. All the best wishes to you and your baby.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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