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      Soo… I took a pregnancy test this past monday and it had a super super faint line that you could barely see, so i took another test yesterday morning and you can definately see the plus sign now! Im going to the doctor monday. I told my mom, who sais she was sad for me because its going to be hard but she said that im going to make a wonderful mother. 🙂 She told my grandparents on her side and they just told me that they love me. Thats the end of the accepting side. Now i need to tell my dad and his side of the family and im sooo scared. They are going to freak out. Any advice on going about this?


        I know EXACTLY how you feel…know that your father loves you no matter what, and yes it will be hard to break the news to him and that side, but maybe if u had the support of your mother with you when you did it could make it easier.
        good luck!


          Ive lived with just my mom since i was one, so im really worried that hes going to blame it on my mom. Shes worried about this too. He tends to enjoy putting her down, and this will be a good opportunity to tell her how awful of a mother she is. I feel really bad for putting her in this situation. Especially since she is a very good mother, and this occurred strictly from the choices i made. I know he loves me, but he is all about tough love and told me a few months ago that if i get pregnant and end up on the streets he will buy a new fridge so i can have the box. :blush:


            i’m so glad you talked to your mom and she was accepting. it’s always good to have support during times like these.


              I really dont know what i would do without her. She is the only reason im not freaking out about being pregnant. I know she will always be there for me no matter what, so it doesnt matter what anyone else says.


                [b]That is great (:
                keep me updated ![/b]

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