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      hi every i’ve been a member on hey since 1/2007 some of u may remember me…hopefully u do…i havent been on here in a while..but basically as u may have read when i was 15 i had 2 abortions forced by my mother and that killed me:( ….well im now 18 and just found out that im pregnant:cheer: today makes me(5 weeks and 2days):laugh: definatley keeping it no question about it..there is no way in this world i could ever have an abortion again..only problem or dilema is that my boyfriend(babyfather) is my cousins ex boyfriend:unsure: …i have known him since i was in 9th grade now im in 12th….i love him so much and i know he loves me …he got my name tatted about 3 months ago and i did too…but anyways i just know that when my family finds out that im with my cousins ex boyfriend and im pregnant for my cousins ex …evryone is goning to have a problem with it and resent me:( …im just confused as n need someone to talk to or advice of something…but even with all this confusion i have never been more happy with anyone as im happy with him..ans i have my first appointment april 2nd…so i cant want:woohoo: hope i get to see an ultrasound of my baby.

      p.s if u havent read my story its on my profile …:kiss:



        I don’t really have any good advice, but I went through something similar with my boyfriend.

        See, he was dating a “friend” of mine. Me and her weren’t very good friends at the time, but still. She broke up with him and then he started dating me shortly afterwards. I was accused of stealing him, blah blah blah. My story doesn’t end too happily as me and this girl haven’t really talked since, but oh well.

        But no matter what happens it’s not like you stole him. He was her EX, not her boyfriend. As long as you two are happy, that’s all that really matters. I’m sure your family will get over it eventually.



          Congratulations on choosing life this time!!

          It is a very humble calling to carry another life within you. You have passed God’s test u to follow HIS will for you to be a mother. You will be blessed for your decision… you are already feeling joy, love, and acceptance for this child. Your child, whom you are already bonding with in your mind and heart. God is giving you the grace to feel at peace about your decision to fight for your baby this time around. Nevermind what others will say about who the father is……if God has called your souls together and this is the result, then this is God’s will that you should give this baby life. I pray that your boyfriend will support you and stay by your side and chose to marry you. If you feel this was meant to be, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it a family committment. You should be proud of yourself for taking responsibility for the choices you’ve made with regards to having sex before marriage, and I also hear how serious you are about changing the vicious cycle of abortion being used as birthcontrol.

          Don’t lose hope. God will not abandon you in your decision.



            Well first, I’d like to say congrats on your pregnancy. Now, to the bad stuff:S : I think you shouldnt have dated your cousin’s ex, let alone get pregnant, but what it is done is done. You must live with the consequences:blush: …I guess you will just have to pray & put it in God’s hands because your family will probably judge you about it…but hopefully, they will focus on whats important: the new life of a family member. I think you should write your cousin a letter about how you feel about the whole situation & hopefully she forgives you. Good luck with everything 🙂

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