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      hi i’m in need of a little help.
      on jan 5th i had a 1 night stand and the sex was unprotected,he did ejaculate in me so what are the chances of me falling pregnant?
      my last period finished xmas eve and my periods are due roughly every 21-23 days so how would i no if i’m pregnant? do i have to miss a period to know if i’m pregnant? if i am pregnant how soon would i be able to tell?
      please help


        Ok, firstly get yourself tested for HIV and other stds, I know you don’t want to worry about that now, but it’s very important that you do so and go back after your three month window period for a second test.
        With unprotected sex there’s always a chance of pregnancy, but the soonest you can tell is usually after a missed period. Blood tests are more accurate than hpts. Stress also affects your menstrual cycle, so try and relax even though its tough.


          Hey hun, i remember reading in a birth control pamphlet once that the change of a woman becoming pregnant if no “protection” is used is about 80%. I would suggest waiting 10-14days then taking a test, then again if you miss your expected period. If you are really concerned you could go get a blood test, they are usually the most accurate, best of luck email me if you wanna talk!
          -Enya <3


            yeah u wont get ur period if u did fall preg, n if u miss ur period u can take a test n c if u r, sum tests can tell b4 ur period is due most preg tests can pick up a pregnancy at 2weeks or more… also u myt experience preg symptoms lyk nausea, cramps, tender breasts, needing to wee alot etc etc…

            good luck, hope everthing turns out for the best xoxo


              did you take a test yet?

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