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      well im not sure whether i am or not.. i’ll give it a few more weeks before i get a test.
      im about two weeks late with my period and recently got really sore nipples, also my breasts seem to have grown alot.. theyre not exatly tender but my nipple really are. also i feel bloated rather a lot and seem to have put on quite a bit of weight =| as well as having a darker discharge than normal. what do you think? any other signs i should look out for?

      im only 16 and my parents would flip if i actually was.. i could never have an abortion.. but don’t know how i would cope with a child.. do social services help with anything like that?

      comments would be much appreciated xx


        Well, if you are about two weeks late already, a test should show up now so why not try? Im not sure what services are in the US to help young mothers, but why not try some of the links in the ‘Girl Help’ section?
        Best of luck. 🙂


          Hey there! Try hooking up with a pregnancy resource center in your area, I believe that the Crisis Pregnancy Help Line listed on the right here, can help you. If not look under abortion alternatives in your yellow pages.
          I hope all goes well for you.


            thank youu 🙂
            now its like ive come on my period but the blood is really dark
            is there a possibility i still might be pregnant..
            getting a test friday when i finish col earlyy (Y)
            but still is there a chancee?


              Yes, there is still a chance that you might be pregnant… definitely get the test on Friday.
              If you’re bleeding really heavy you should go to a doctor in case you are pregnant and there is something wrong, ok? (You’re probably fine, but it never hurts to be careful!)
              Let us know when you find out! 🙂

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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