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    princess Angela

      Hey everyone……. Havnt been on here in sooo long how are you all? Well i have some wonderful news… Im pregnant 9 weeks now:D im keeping this one:D im over the moon….

      As for the father he is a drop kick and cheated on me like 3 times we 3 different girls mind u he is 24 and has a 16 yr old gf now…… well thats pretty much whats been going on here

      Hope you guys had a great christmas:D

      Love angela and Bump xoxo


        Hey, CONGRATS on the pregnancy. To bad about the father but sounds like you’ll be a great and strong mom. Goood luck and keep us posted!


          hey, Congrats. I remember seeing you around MONTHS ago. How long had u been trying?

          princess Angela

            Well i really wanted another one after my abortion ….. I wanted it so bad i would have done anything for it… then no matter what i tried i got no where…. ovulation kits the lot…. didnt fall pregnant i ended up goin back on the pill on my 18th birthday…..cause i was tired of disappointment….. then a month after i turned 18 i met dominic who well is a drop kick hahah but was really sweet to me at first…. but i ended up gettin sick an being on antibodics and not usin a condom and i fell pregnant then…. in all since my last pregnancy it has been a yr …. i fell pregnant roughly the same time as i did with my other child….

            I have my first hospital appointment on the 25th January 2008..cant wait heaps excited.

            Love Angela and bubs


              I love it when things happen when u kinda least expect it too. maybe you were trying too much. I tried and failed then fell preg, was a good shock:)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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