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      hello, i’m seventeen and i think i am pregnant.i have recetly within the last couple of months i have been noticing white fliud coming out of my nipples when i sqeeze lightly.and i have been nausueas.i eat and never seem to get full for very long.i also have noticed a darkenong of the area around my nipples.i have back and hip pain and i have constipation and heartburn sometimes.also, i am 7 days late on my period, but the ept test i took came back negetive.i hope that i will find out if i am pregnant, but i don’t see how i can’t be with all these symptoms!please tell me if u think i am based on ur pregnancy symptoms or if u have any of the same symptoms and are wondering the same thing.thanks a million!:S


        It definatly sounds like you could be pregnant. To be sure, you shoudl go to the doctor’s and take a blood test. They are 100% accurate. Good luck and let us know how it goes. 🙂


          hey,it’s me again…to follow up, today is the 8th, which makes it 11 days w/out a period…waht do u think guys?


            I definently think you pregnant. You should take another hpt or go to the doctor for a blood test. You should find out asap so that you can get a check up and know you are in good helth along with the fetus


              i think you could be pregnant !!

              also i think you should take a pregnancy test just so you know for definate and put your mind to rest

              once this is done you can go to the doctors if the test shows positive 🙂


                you are prob preg.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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