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      last month i came off the pill and a fw days later had slight spotting which i assumed my period as it has never been heavy. now i have tender breasts and am very tired, i have taken a HPG test but as i dont know when my period is due as its usualy all over the place. the test was negative but could i still be pregnant? it has not been a month since my last ‘period’?
      please help


        A negative test doesn’t mean that you aren’t pregnant. When you go off the pill it can cause spotting. So what I would do is give it a week and take another test if it is negative too go see your doctor he can tell you for sure in just a few minutes if you are or not.
        Keep me posted


          Hey, since you are not sure when your period is supposed to come i would wait a week or two and try taking the pregnancy test again. Like you, i too was unsure of when i was supposed to get my period, but i just felt pregnant and i hesitated to get a test done but finally i could no longer deny what i already felt/knew was true. So good luck to ya


            Since you jsut got off the pill, there should be spotting. And more than likely, you will have to wait a few weeks to take a HPT. OR better, just go to the doc. Good Luck!!


              theres a chance that you could be pregnant . but if your period doesnt come on within this month then you should take a test RIGHT AWAY ! G0OD LUCK HUN

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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