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      I have been trying for a baby for a couple of months with my husband,I have had a period last month and probably will have one this month, which will be no suprised to me and I am expecting it, if it comes.

      I have had period pains the last couple of day but this has now vanished(and this could start at any time again).

      My appetite has not changed (well i dont think so anyway) and have alway needed to go to the loo alot, but have noticed that this is more intense and some times have to go immediately.

      My breast are always painful every month maybe 3-4 days before my period, but my boobs have not stopped hurting from last period up until now, which is very weird, I least have a week off from tender boobs!!!

      But what has prompted me to write today is that i went to the shop today and nearly threw up! nausea and has left me feeling abit shaky and weak. I never feel like this (unless hungover!!)(not know mind!),

      Am i pregnant or what is the earliest i can go to the doctors. I be very suprised if i am as we all say it only takes one!!!

      thank you

      tina :cheer: :blush:

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        drs will be able to tell pretty early. i would put ur mind to ease and go there


          Hi Tina,

          You could be pregnant. If you are having those symptoms, you should be able to get a positive result. The symptoms show up when the hormone levels have increased. If that happens, your positive test should show. You can also go to your doctor and have an exam and/or blood test. But, if you are close to your regular period date, wait until it comes and goes and see what happens. (if you can wait, that is) I know it’s really exciting and can be difficult to wait. So, take the test and see. I wish you and your husband well!!! Take care.


            Sounds like you MAY have some of the signs. I’d go to the doctors. I wish you and your husband the best of luck…



              It sounds like you could possible be pregnant. I would go buy a home test…and then make an appt with your doctor right away. they can do labs and do a blood pregnancy test that can detect pregnancy.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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