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    sophia roses mummy

      hi everyone im gabby and im pregnant and im so happy! ive been with my bf ollie for ages like 2 years+ and i did have a termination 7 months and 2 weeks ago and its takeing ages to learn to move on and forgive what happend and i never will i kno that, but a few days ago i found out im pregnant and im so happy!
      but i really dont wana feel juged πŸ™

      how is everyone doing?


        Congrats on being pregnant! i know how you feel i had an abortion but much earlier theres no way i would of been able to do it that far in but im sure you were scared and didnt know what to do. I have a feeling that this new pregnancy is happy news because you think a new baby will feel that gap that was left behind from the one you would of had.To be honest it may do that but it could also hurt you even more I remember thinking just weeks ago if I got pregnant and had another baby it would take the pain away but the thing is i was terrified when i thought i was pregnant again i thought what would my parents think and my friends and i reliezed thats not the way to go its to wait till im able to take care of a child and have to depend on others and i reliezed that getting pregnant young would be the selfish thing for myself and my baby i would much rather wait till i was older to be able to give it everything it needs and be the best mom in the world to make up for the mistake of the first abortion. The difference though is your pregnant for sure again and the decision you make this time will change your life for the good or the bad and being pregnant at 16 especially a second time is tough and I just wish you the best of luck and hope you do find some happiness or some peace out of this whole situation.

        sophia roses mummy

          hi thankyou and at first when i found out that i was pregnant last week i couldt bare it and didt wana think about it atall but i went to the doctors and they re asured me that i was 3 weeks pregnant and so i couldt turn a blind eye on the thought of being pregnant again but also i was so happy at the thought of getting anouther chance of being a mummy and i did also think that i wanted to wait till i was ready but i cant bare doing what i did to sasha-lou to this baby inside me now bcoz i was really not ready when i fell pregnant b4 and my perants made me do what i did and finding out that i was pregnant now i was so scared to tell my mum and dad but they were the first i told and they were really happy and supportive thats whats made my mind up that i want to keep my baby but i kno that it will never replace sasha-lou and i dont want him/her to do that either πŸ™
          thankyou πŸ™‚


            hey, congratulations. i am so happy for you. i am in a similar situation to yourself but i am boyfriend and i decided we would try for a baby. and when i took the test and it was positive we were both so happy. we were over the moon. but im really scared of telling my parents. my mum will go mad. but there is no way i can even think about having an abortion. both my boyfriend and i are so happy. we love eachother and we are so happy. but the problem is, im only 15, 2 months until im 16. my boyfriend is 18 and i am 15. will he get taken away from me because i am 15 and he is 18? please could you give me your opinion. x


              It all depends on your age of consent laws and if your parents want to press charges…I am proud of you for not being willing for an abortion but I also would plead with you talk to your parents as soon as possible even if you are afraid of their reaction, you really should have thought about that before you tried and succeeded in getting pregnant, I am not trying to parent you by saying this, I just feel that that needed to be said before I went further, I personally think that people should be in a very stable situation and preferably married first that is all, however there is tons of help out there for you with you being pregnant, what is your due date? Here is a number to call, 1-800-395-HELP, they will give you the number and location of the closest pregnancy resource center to you where you can get your pregnancy confirmed, they will be able to give you all kinds of information for local helps such as getting on state medical, if your parents are not covering you, and also things like WIC where they give you free milk and other staple supplies for the fridge and pantry, I will be praying for you and I hope that no matter what happens in the meantime that things will work out to the advantage of your precious little bundle….we are all here to help answer questions along the way…Love Meg


                πŸ™‚ Gabby I am soooo happy for you πŸ™‚ congrats! keep us updated πŸ™‚


                sophia roses mummy

                  katy you can have a baby at 16 in the UK hannah will be having her baby whe shes 15 and il be haveing mine when im 17 tho but im pregnant nw but i will be 17 when i have my baby πŸ™‚ omg i cant wait!
                  and im so happy!
                  hows everyone else going?
                  love and hugs gabby xxxxx

                  sophia roses mummy


                    i found out the sex of my baby today im having a little girl! πŸ™‚



                      congratulations gabby..I can’t imagine myself going through with having a baby at 16 haha πŸ™‚

                      I hope it all works out for you and your boyfriend and keep the updates coming.

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