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      Hi, my period is supposed to come on the 26th October and I did took a pregnancy test kit on the 23rd Oct and it show that i am not pregnant. Question is : Can I still get pregnant even after I use the pregnancy kit before my period is due?


        If ur supposed to get ur period today the 26th, do you know when you ovulated, if you know the day you ovulated then from the day after you "o" count on forward, those days are days past ovulation, luteal phase, if u dont get your period you should wait at least to the 14 DPO "days past ovulation" to test for a HPT. Let me know anything, good luck.


          Hi, I did the pregnancy test kit again on the 28.10.2006 and it shows that I am pregnant. I am happy and also a bit confused because I had 2 boys , my first son is 2 years old and my second is 3 mths old. I just dont know what I should do either to keep or abort the baby, I dont want to be a murdered killing my on flesh blood. It just that I just gave birth 3 mths ago, how can my egg be so fertiled. I love my kids so much, I dont have the guts to do it. Pls help. Confused.:(


            please dont abort!

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