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      hey girls i’m really sorry if this comes up twice, but i;m having trouble submitting my post, anyways here i go again.

      I was wondering if someone could give me their opinion so that i know that i’m not freaking out anyways i think i may be pregant even though i took a test yesterday, it showed up negative, but i took it too early to tell anyways, my period isn’t until oct 23, so its another week but these symptoms started last week, so let me know what you think. I’m bloated, have nausea throughtout the day, it comes in spells, one minute i’m fine and the next i’m abnout to throw up, i hvae frequent headaches, my face is broke out, which never happens to me, my nipples are sore, and a little bit darker in colour than usual, i have lower back pain and my right side often hurts as well. And as for peeing i go all the time anyways because i’m a diabetic so i’m consistly drinking water, so i can’t relly tell if i have that symptom, anyways let me know what you think.

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