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      I really need some help on this. I don’t know if i’m pregnant. My breasts are sooooo swollen, i feel nausea throughtout the day , my appetite has changed(I eat alot now) i am tired all the time, and I missed my period. Could I be pregnant?I’m confused. I looked on the net looking for pregnancy symptoms and they said the best way to know is from some who has experienced it already. So while I was searching I saw this link and clicked on it and joined. I truly need to know if I am.


        have you taken a home pregnancy test yet? if not i would take one and go from there.


          you should just get a pregnancy test because sometimes pregnancy symptoms are similar to the symptoms i recieve before my monthly comes, i am always late. I also have a child therfore i experienced the signs. good luck.


            The fact that you missed your period is the biggest sign, Those are all signs of pregnancy also.
            Sweety you need to just get a test and take it that is the only way you are going to know for sure.

            Good luck


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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