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      This may really sound stupid… but I’m desparate and I don’t know who to ask. Will I get pregnant if my bf didn’t enter me but was "shooting" near my gential?? I have 2 weeks more to my period, but i’m realli afraid..


        yes you can still get pregnant doing that sorry to tell you. its not really a high chance but it can happen good luck x


          possible, yes, but very rare. the possibility of you getting pregnant because of precum is higher I would think


            I hope you girls still look at this thread… I have my period the day before, but it’s like only a blot of blood… den "brown dischrge" n it stops for for a day, today i started having my period again.. but still the "volume" is much lesser than usual..

            I was wondering cld that be a sign of pregancy? I used to havre this misconception that once u hv ur period, that means u can’t be pregrant.. but after reading past posts, I realises u can hv ur period even when u r pregrant.. is it true?/

            p/S: I am quite very sick with high fever + flu +sor throat.. So i was wondering.. the irregular flow might be due to that in stead?


              Yes… you can of course. Sperm anywhere near your you down there can get you pregnant… chances might be low but it could happen.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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