Pregnancy while being on contreception

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      Hi all

      How are you?

      I’m 18 and live in uk, Recently i have just gone back on the injection, but the a couple of weeks beforehand i slept with my boyfriend with no conception and u cn guess the rest and again on the night i went back on the injection, now i can’t eat as every time i do i feel as if i’m gonna be sick, i keep using the toilet constantly, i have really bad backache and my stomach is swelling. Is there any chance i could be pregnant, i don’t really want to take a pregnancy test as i am scared of the result. Can any1 help? Have any of you got pregnant while being on the DEPO? Please help? This is really getting me down!!!! I need a kick in the right direction. :S


        You could be pregnant. Even though it’s scary, you should take the test just to make sure. When I took my first pregnancy test, it was horrifying, but I felt alot better knowing for sure that I was pregnant, and it gave me a chance to start taking care of myself as a pregnant woman should. So, take the test, it may be scary, but you’ll feel better and take care of yourself better if you do.

        Good Luck,
        Michelle J.


          My sister got pregnant while on Depo. If you are pregnant it will be okay dont worry. I’m 16 and both me and my fiance are looking forward to the arrival of our baby girl in October, Lots of luck ~ Kat

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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