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      I am 34 wks and have already gained 40 lbs. My doc. doesn’t seemed worried, but I feel like I’m huge! Is this a normal amount to have gained at this point? I’m afraid it will never come off!!!


        dont worry about it. i was gaining 4 lbs a week at some points and felt so discouraged. but the last few weeks, my weight gain stopped. i ended up gaining 35 lbs. i had my little girl 2 weeks ago tomorrow (jan 25th) and she was 6 lbs 12 oz. i have lost 24 lbs the past two weeks, its so flattering evryone keeps telling me how great i look! i only have 11 lbs left to lose and my tummy is almost flat again. all i can say is breastfeed. it works wonders!! good luck girl


          Most practitioners and sources I’ve consulted say 25-35 is the normal weight gain, each of our bodies varies though! If you were underweight before conception your body may be telling you to make more!

          I’ve probably gained as much or more than you, don’t worry. I think the stress does it a lot for me…with her father not being very nice, as I believe is your case too unfortunately. I eat when I’m hungry, so I assume baby is hungry. It’s better you eat and gain too much, than gain to little and endanger the little one.

          Do you plan to breastfeed? I definitely do, which should help with the weight loss thank goodness.


            i’m not going to say for every girls it’s normal but i believe it’s pretty normal..because docs say that by 5 months (20 wks) you should have gained 10 – 20 lbs….and in ur last month or two you should gain 1 lb per wk……so ur at that lb a wk time….and if ur doc doesn’t seem worried than ur gonna be fine……


              normal weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds. You are only 5 pounds over. You probably wont gain any more, and if you do it shouldn’t be much, the baby essentially stops growing at 36 weeks. Don’t worry too much about your weight gain and dont get discouraged afterwards. It takes 9 months to gain that weight, you should give yourself at least 9 months to take it off.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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