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      I just today took a pregnancy test, the kind where you have to have two lines for it to be a positive and one line for a negative. There was the one line and another very faint line. Does that mean its positive? Idk…i’m going to buy another pregnancy test and test again in a week this time with a digital one that says either pregnant or not pregnant. Has anyone though ever got a result like I did, with a very faint line and it turned out to be 100% positive.


        GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!! I had 4 of those faint positives and it was faint because I was having a miscarriage! And my hormones were decreasing!


          It could very well be positive, but just really early, and when your early in your pregnancy, you don’t have high levels of hormones like later in pregnancy, but they’re definately there, trust me, you’ll know. So, don’t worry, and take another test in a couple of days.

          Good luck,
          Michelle J.

          P.S. Don’t forget, if your pregnant, it can be the happiest, and scariest, and hardest thing you ever do, but it will all be totally worth it when you see your baby’s smiling face looking at you like you are the greatest person in history.


            🙂 I had the same results you did and I’m now 14 wks pregnant with my 2nd child. so congratulations and enjoy your little bundle when he or she arrives. and like the other girls said GO TO THE DOCTOR TO FIND OUT FOR SURE!


              This is exactly what happened to me this weekend. i took two with the lines & they were REALLY faint, then i took two digitals and both of them said i was pregnant. i’m going to see my doctor on Thursday, you should probably try to see one as well. good luck!


                you could be pregnant thats how my friend found out she had 3 tests like that then went to the doctor and by then she was 2 months along


                  Mine was exactly like yours. One line was dark and the other was barely visible. I did it three times and they all were the same and guess what? Im now 24 weeks pregnant!


                    Hey i just finished taking a pregnancy test, the one that says two lines if pregnant, one if not just like the one u took and mine did the exact same thing!!! One line and a faint one. Im so scared, so am i pregnant?? Im worried because it was my moms test and i stole it so i know she will notice its missing i dont know what to tell her either. I really need help, im 15 and i need to know!

                    P.S. Did u got to the doctor after u took the test and it gave you the same results i got?


                      I went to the doctor and had a urine and blood pregnancy test. Both were negative. So that test must of been wrong. After that anyways I bled for like 6 days and then have been spotting ever since. But now again I think I might be pregnant because on June 13th I had sex and missed a birth control pill that day. I took two the next day as recommended in the instruction book but I heard you can get pregnant from just missing one pill and plus I wasen’t taking my pills at the same time every day, I’d be so busy I’d take one in the morning one day and the next day at night. I heard even doing that can drop your hormone levels and ovulation can occur. So Tuesday I’m going to have another pregnancy test at my doctors. It will be two weeks exactly from the time I possibly could of conceived.


                        I just went to the doctor and had a urine pregnancy test which turned out negative so I’m just going to go by that. I don’t think I need a blood test unless I don’t get my period in 5 weeks like I’m supposed to.


                          the same thing happened to me. I now have a 5 month old daughter!!! [img]


                            you probably ARE pregnant! im currently 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and the first two tests i took (they were the ones with a + or – ) one of the lines on the plus sign was really dark, the other one very very light. when i took the second one that was faint i pretty much knew it. then a week or so later i took 3 tests that said pregnant or not pregnant, and they all came back pregnant! i kno its so scary for u, but trust me if u continue the pregnancy you will find JOY and b so happy with ur decision! im almost 18, my bfs in the military now out of state, and times are hard for me sometimes. but i am STILL very happy with my decision to continue the pregnancy! good luck with everythin girl!


                              YES!! I took a test just like that about 4 days before my period was suppose to come and had the same results, one dark line and one faint line. So to make a long story short, my daughter is now almost 2. My advice is trust your gut, when you are pregnant you know it!! Take care of yourself and your growing child!


                                hi you most likely are congrats i just had my baby girl july me i took 3 and all three of them came out positive.and went to the doctors she confirmed it husband has been happy since then

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