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      Is it possible for a girl to show symptoms of pregnancy within 2-3 days after having sex? Also – is it possible for a girl to seem like she’s having symptoms but.. she’s not really….? I mean – the day after I had sex, I was extremely tired and I had neck and back aches. But – the night before the aches and tiredness, I had slept at my dad’s house, therefore I slept in a different bed than normal and had gotten alot more sleep than my body is used to. Could that be the reason I was so exausted and hurting? Or could these things happen over stress? Because although I have been trying not to, I have been stressing over the fact that I don’t know whether I am going to be pregnant or not.


        First things first. You need to calm down and take a deep breath. Stressing over this won’t help you. Fertilization can occur anywhere between 1 hour and 24 hours after sex. Then the fertilized egg needs to travel down and into you uterus and implant itself. Then your body starts to produce hormones. And that the time when you usually start to fell pg symptoms. It would be at the very least a week before you would "feel pregnant." But the majority start to feel at about 4 weeks when their period is late. Hope thsi helps you.


          ok well let me tell you my symptoms it has been about 2 weeks and i have had bad heart burn been sleepin like crazy i threw up once and i tend to have this full feeling in my tummy but i’m always hungry then i been using the bathroom more then normal what do you think is it more stress or are these signs is it to early to take a test i’m not suppose to have my period till around april 21 or so!


            Ok so if its been 2 weeks since you’ve had sex. Is yourt period due this week? Normally you ovulate 2 weeks after your period (thats when your get pergnant) and 2 weeks after you ovulate you get your period. Sometimes you think you have all the symptoms because you think your pregnant. Your mind kind of makes it up. When i was 15 i thought i was pregnant. I was so sick. I was throwing up almost everyday and i was so tired. When I found out i wasn’t pregnant the symptoms slowly went away. When I actually did get pregnant two years later I had NO symptoms! Hope this makes sense to you. Tell me how things work out.


              That is exactly what ive been feeling like for the past 2 week. its been 3 weeks since the condom split. i took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago and the line came up to say that the test had worked but then no line came up in the results box… i did another test last week and the same thing happened!
              Whats going on!!??

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