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      i had sex about 12 days ago. 2 days ago i started spotting brownish blood (not even enough to fill a liner, and btw this has never happened before) then, this morning I began to bleed heavier with some mild cramping for a while. now my bleeding has dwindled to light bleeding every now and then, but definitely not like my perioud usually is. i would to kno if anyone thnks this is deciduous bleeding. i have had a higher temperature for the last 4 days along with constipation, headaches and extremely tender nipples. if anyone else has experienced this during their pregnancy could you help me out?thx!


        hmm- hun to me it does not sound like pregnancy symptoms at all- but then again everyone is different,

        im not to sure wat the heavy bleeding is caused from-
        as it takes 8 days just for the egg to implant itself
        and attach to the uterus,

        i would suggest waiting till your next period – if it does
        not show take a test – and take it from there.
        if its negative- i think you should see a doctor,
        with all those symptoms you having

        good luck- keep me updated:)


          hey hun, try waiting a week then take a pg test, or go to your doc and get a blood test.

          best of luck


            12 days sounds about time for implantation and i have heard some ppl can actually feel when the egg implants BUT im not a dr so get a test in about 2 weeks i reckon.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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