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      Hello to everybody, a happy new year to all. I was just browsing through prgnancy links on the web. I am in a state of paranoia. I had sex with someone-i didn’t know, i just met in a bar, and i was drunk. we didn’t exactly finish anything, I had been firm with the use of condom, and after that morning, I never saw the man again. Thing is, my period has never been late, ever. it is a steady 28 day-cycle. I am not on any contraception. and by the date i should be getting my period, i was having all the pms symptoms, though it didn’t come 2 days after the set date. it was late, given it was heavy and lasted for 4 days, but after that, i am still having nausea and sleepiness, could it be that I am pregnant?



        It’s possible that you might be pregnant, or your cycle might be off due to stress or other factors. I would take a pregnancy test to find out. If it is negative and you still haven’t started in a couple ofweeks I would take another test and/or see your doctor to determine why your cycle is unusual. Best wishes.



          It’s good that you were firm about using a condom, but hooking up with some random guy you met at a bar and will most likely never see again isn’t a very wise decision; especially with all the STD’s and other diseases going around. I’d take a pregnancy test just to be sure if I were you. You can’t change the past, but it’s important to make smart choices, especially when you’re out having a good time!! :o) Take Care and good luck!! ~Laura


            Wow, I just your probably hoping that you are not pregnant. I kinda hope that this is something minor and you are not pregant. A baby needs as much support and care as possible, and i don’t think its fair that you have raise it and go through good and bad times alone, I know many people do, and big up’s for be so strong and great pepole, but i just hope this can be a scare so we can learn from our mistakes in the end and work for us for the good.If you are, all that has happened has happend for a reason, even though i don;t


              it’s ok don’t worry you are probably making yourself sick by thinking about it . You should go to the doctor to make sure or take a test it will be ok iam 20 yrs old i had my daughter when i was 15 and i got through it and i just had my little boy 2months ago so it wll be ok just go to the doctor and make sure goo luck

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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