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      B) Hey girls ok well im SOOO worried im 15 years old and have been dating my boyfriend for a year and some change. well on Saturday Sept 17 ,2005 me and him had unprotected sex. i was a lil moist , i just didnt pay any attention to it… well i was still moist the next few days intell Tuesday the 20th . when i notice egg whites in my undies and when i whiped at the bathroom. only twice i had them that day. again on Thursday i had them. well the last few days ive had some cramping in my stomach and ive had a temp rise, ive always been rather tired, and moody, i get dizzy sometimes when i get up way to fast and i feel sick alot of the time. also we did it about a weeek after i ended my period, so thats 2 weeks from the first day of my cycle , we did ti about day 15, but then i had egg whites on day 18?! could that be from stress. delaying ovulation?! also my boobs are Starting to get sore, im not sure if these are Pms syptoms or pregnancy , my question is do you girls think im pregnant? and when should i test its been 8 dpo also i have these since of being full to in my lower stomach and i had some uterus cramps as well.i cant make it though a whole day without a nap. i have this feeling ive started my period so i run to the bathroom with tampon in hand..but nothing :angry: i just dont get it. ok well girls PLEASE help me out

      – Worried Teen
      Courtney πŸ™‚


        ok so now its Oct. 2nd and i had a STRONG feeling my period started but it didnt…. :blink: and i still have the same STRONG FEELING so im sure it will start ne minute now.. BUT i have more vains on my boobs and i am peeing much more.. im going on Oct 4th to get a pregnancy test which is one day after my missed period.. :unsure: i hope it can tell me SOMETHING



          well all i csn tell you stop stressing . and wait a couple of days to take a home prego test to find out i wish you the best of luck i waited a week till my missed period and found out i was prego i thought i was stressing but that was not stress it was pregnancy well i hope things go well with you much love.



            It is possible that you might be pregnant. It would probably be too early to test until you are actually late for your period. In the meantime try not to get too stressed. Have you talked to your boyfriend that you think you might be pregnant? If you haven’t started your period take a test as planned on Oct. 4. Good luck.



              I think that you might be pregnant start preparing your self earn money so that you can raise that child! B)


                πŸ™‚ hiya hun if you want my honest opinion i think you are pregnant judging by the tiredness and the fact you had unprotected sex with you boyfriend, tiredness was a total giveaway that i am pregnant i experianced it alot in the erly days right up untill about 2 months, but dont worry about it hun take that pregnancy test and fine out for sure and try not to worry about it im the mean time, it will be ok if i can cope with being pregnant at 14 then im sure you will be able to at 15 ! πŸ™‚ take things easy because the first 3 months is a critical stage in pregnancy. if you want to talk or anything im here, i know how scary it is and talking helped me i hope it helps you πŸ™‚ take care love Avalon xx

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