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      so has anyone actually thought about how pregnancy is a real miracle?!..think about it…the time frame to actually concieve is like 24 hrs…having a baby is one of the worlds real miracles…..srry i was just thinking about it and decided to write about it, besides the facat that i’m bored…..

      *17yrs old, 18 on april 12th…30wks 3days with my first baby, and it’s a boy*


        I agree with you that pregnancy is a true miracle 🙂 It amazes me that you can love someone so much even when you have only known that they exist for a couple of weeks…pregnancy is a time for our maternal instinct to develop along wiht our the time your little one comes out you just know who they are and love every bit of them and you wake up moments before they cry just because you knew they would 🙂 women naturaly bond with their babies while they are preg so its a little harder sometimes for guys to grasp ahold of he idea of being a daddy…some ways to help is when the babies ears are developed (doctors can tell you how far along) and the daddy can get close to your belly and talk and sing to the baby and then when baby is born it recognizes daddys voice (that didnt have anything to do with what was stated in this post but maybe it wil help someone out there)


          I know what you mean. Sometimes, especially when I’m resting or relaxing and I can really feel the baby kick, I have to remember that there is really a little person inside me. Not just any little person, MY little person. It’s soooo scary, but at the same time it makes you smile.:silly:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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