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      So i’ve been noticing i’ve been having some really odd symptoms and did some research and was wondering if it could be pregnancy depression..? it would make sense because i have been so stressed lately about money, school, being a bad mom already, ect. there’s even been frequent times where i have troubles breathing, like the breaths i take are really really shallow. i feel guilty and panicy about every little thing. like…i’m giving my baby a lower IQ or spine issues cause i’m not taking my prenatals, or my baby will have bone problems because i’m not drinking enough milk. and now i just read that my baby is going to have sleep problems because i’m so anxious all the time…reading that really did not help at all. has anyone else had issues like this before?? :[


        hi umm i had abit of depression in my first trimester but it revolvd around the issue of weathr i would even be able 2 raise my child…. i highly suggest u go 2 a doc n tell him all of this let him take tests n do ultrasounds 2 reassure u dat everything is k, i tink u will feel much beta… after all stressing is not gud 4u or baby… try meditating.. lettin gud energy in and ALLOWING THE NEGATIV 2 FLOW OUT…o n avoid readin things that gonna make u mor upset n dont believ everythin u read… dont worry u will be a great mom,

        hope iv helped, if u eva wana talk… u kno where u can
        take care xoxo


          I know exactly how you feel. Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s so difficult because you have so many hormones and so many things are coming to you at once. And then the baby feels your emotions almost as much as you do, so it can create issues with the baby- just not as bad as you think. Only some like wanting more attention, being impatient, etc. once he/she is born. I worried constantly about him not being healthy or anything until I got to my 20 week ultrasound and I found that he was perfectly healthy, growing fine, and he was a boy! Since then, I’ve been trying to enjoy my pregnancy… but at the same time self-esteem problems are creeping up, now.

          So what helped me was a glass of warm milk with honey every night. My boyfriend also did a lot of easing. BUT talking to your doctor is a good idea if he/she can give some more suggestions.

          But trust me… you aren’t alone and your normal!


            I think every pregnant women thinks about the things that could be wrong with her baby thats part of being a mom. Which I think that because you are looking into all of this and are so concerned about your baby it means you will be a gret mother. Well bad news is from the moment you conceived you will always worry, thats just what moms do. For example my daughter is almost 6 just started kindergarden and I was a wreck the whole day I felt I should stand outside the classroom and patrol her every move. What if she got lost? What if on of the kids was mean? What if they let her out of class before I got there? The teached did not know her name so how did she know she was in her class etc etc. Basically thats what a mom is all about and as much as we would like to put our child in a bubble that just isn’t possible. And IF there was something with your child you would deal with it and love your child just as much. You driving yourself crazy over all this is NOT GOING TO CHANGE A THING. So enjoy this time and your child will be the most beautiful and smart child you have ever seen, trust me. Best of Luck. Jessica

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