Pregnancy Chains

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      I became pregnant in June and when I found out I was with my best friend, she was so supportive and helped me make the right choice of keeping the baby…

      The other day she called me and told me she was pregnant.. I was shocked but it felt kinda cool to have ur best friend pregnant too, even though im due real soon (march 3rd) and shes just a month, were still both preggo at the same time…

      Today another friend called me and told me she was pregnant too!! I couldn’t believe it…

      Now were 3 preggos and I was wondering if this was like a Pregnancy chain, were a whole bunch of friends get pregnant at the same time w/ out knowing it

      Has anyone been pregnant at the same time as her friends?????


        yea me and 5 of my friends were all pregnant at the same time and no one knew what happened one friend had her baby july 27, another had hers like a week later on august 6 and i had my son on august 9th…how weird is that? but the others had there baby later or soon.


          At the church I used to go to there was always a group of women who were pregnant at the same time, a friend of mine who went to a different church joked and said it was something in the water, her and her husband were trying for a baby with no luck at that point, I was unmarried and ended up pregnant…OOOOOPS!!! I told her I drank the water..LOL…I have grown and changed a lot since then and I remained abstinent for 2 1/2 years before my wedding night and was a single mom for 4 1/2 years..lit was tough…but anyways I am pregnant now with my mine and my husbands first baby together and there is once again a whole group of woman at my old church who are pregnant and then also at the new church I go to and one of my friends daughters is pregnant too, I don’t think it is in the water this time though, I think there is something in the air…forgive me for this horrible joke but I think that the thing in the air that is getting people pregnant is LEGS!!!…LOL…no seriously I think when you are close with a group of girl your periods tend to change to the same week, you know what I mean?? If you take a group of healthy girls that all have their periods around the same time then their ovulation time can tend to be the same too, I could be wrong but that is my guess on why we get pregnant in groups…Love Meg, and ps…I am so proud of you and your friends for sticking together and keeping your babies….


            i was pregnant the same time as my friend who had her baby 3 months before me and was also pregnant the same time as my mum! there is 6 weeks difference between my son and my half brother


              Well my story’s a bit diff but it’s similar.
              Three months after having my son my (then) best friend told me that she was pregnant!!! Lol, and it wasn’t a planned pregnancy either!
              Talk about contagious pregnancy disease! LOl!!!!!!

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