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      i was wondering what were peoples suggestions on navel piercing while being pregnant. i have a piercing and i really dont want to take it out. i have read that i really dont have to take it out i would just have to purchase a maternity navel ring. but i was wondering if there were any one that has actually kept theres and how did that work out?


        I kept mine in until about 24 weeks when my belly button started to pop out. My belly ring just got uncomforatable. I still push my belly button in and push it back threw to ake sure it doesn’t heal.


          i ahd to take mine out, all 3 ov them, i keep puttin my top 1 back in bu it hurts an is really un-compftable (sorry cant spell)

          bu other people it doesnt affect, i know loadsa people who have kept it in through out with no problems, it jus goes by ur body an baby bump i suppose xxxx


            i have two..the top and bottom…i’m 30wks tomorrow and i have left them in…i take them out everynow and then just becuse…mostly they say to take them out because ur belly button may pop out, and mine is starting to, but i’m just going to do like my friend and take them out and everyday put them in for a little while….


              i saw a thing on tv that you should use fish string/net.. you know the string on fishing poles. that’s what i’m going to do 😛 otherwise the hole will probably get stretched out and having a ring in will be very uncomfortable.


                thats a good idea and im considering it but i was wondering…wouldnt the hole get small because u have a fishline not an actual piercing?


                  When I was pregnant with my daughter (she is almost 2 now) I kept my ring in the whole pregnancy but around 8 months I noticed I started getting stretch marks around my belly button from the ring being kept in so I took it out I am now pregnant with my second daughter (34 weeks pregnant)and have left it out throughout this whole pregnancy it does get kind of uncomfortble being kept in anyways:)


                    B) I had a piercing and i took it out with my first pregnancy ( my daughter is 3 years old now) and i am now 33 weeks pregnant with my second child ( a boy) and my navel is very very very sore and sensitive. Its exactly on the spot where my piercing was.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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