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      I have been on lupron for 3 months now (3 to go) for endometriosis. I had a laporoscopy about 6 months ago which is when they detected the endometriosis. Anyway, lately I have had a sick stomach, not to sick to eat, but just a yucky feeling there. Sometimes the sickness turns into hunger pains but usually within 15 minutes it is back to feeling sick. It lasts all day usually or off and on. I am not to sick to function but I’m wondering what is going on. Also my face, just on my chin is starting to break out a little bit. I am also incredibly irritated by just the slightest things. It is so hard to tell whether these are side effects of the Lupron or am I pregnant. I have not had a period since I started the Lupron so I can’t tell. Would a prenancy test still detect pregnancy on lupron? A little help please! Thanks


        Ok, now I am bleeding so slightly I don’t need to wear anything. Yesterday my stomach didn’t hurt, I had big time pain. Any advice?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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