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      so, i have been on the pill for three months, i have started to take them at a new time recently because it was too hard to remember before. anyways, say i were to become pregnant, and i was taking the pills continuously before having any clue i may be pregnant, what are the risks of not knowing that you are pregnant and taking birth control?


        heya, erm well i dont really know but my friend has just had a baby and she didnt even no that she was pregnant because she dint show and she was still taking her pill and was still having a normal period and her baby is fine, i say shes a mirical baby because my friend had a really bad car crash when she was pregnant and she was drinking still every weekend so i dont think you really need to worry. how come your asking this question anyway? do you think you might be pregnant? luv beth


          as i ahve hearf birth defects, premature birth or spontaneous abortion are a couple of things that could happen if you continue taking the pill while being pregnant…..but talk to ur doctor to see for sure, because they are the ones who know….


            hey i was taking my pill for 6 weeks of my pregnancy b4 i new i was pregnant and my baby was fine


              so how do you think you got pregnant on the pill? Bc im on the pill loestrin24, where you only get your period for 4 days, and i didnt get my period until the 3rd day, but it wasnt even a period it was just a little brown and then that was it. Sorry for the icky details but i have no one to ask! i am just curious as to what your symptoms were like.


                so this is the deal, ive been on the pill for about three months, but the first two i always forgot to take the pills cuz i was just starting to get used to it, so my doctor said my body probably wasnt getting used to it so i needed to start taking them faithfully, i started to take them at a new time so that i could remember better, but i was told thats not good because it messes up the cycle for a while, im on YAZ and it says i should use a backup for the first week of every new pack, the last week of my pack starts this sunday, and for the past two weeks, i have been sleeping alot and feeling really sluggish, i eat non stop, and i pee alot, i feel really bloated and i get headaches and backaches that never seem to go away, and i am getting a little scared, i went through an abortion a few months ago, and i am a little scared i might be pregnant again, do any of these symptoms relate? or could it just be my pills? please help!!!


                  im gessing u were asking me lol… sorry if u werent =). I had only just started on the pill when i started having sex wif da father and i dont think i had actually started working properly yet, my symptoms were morning sickness and late period, luckily i wasnt trying to miss a period or i probs would have ended up taking it for like 3 months without realising. And yea dat sounds strange bout ur period, ive never heard of that pill but if thats not common den maybe u should take a preg test to make sure ur not.

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