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      okay wellz i know this wasnt smart but it was my third day of my period and i had sex with my boyfriend and he came inside of me only a little bit tthen 3 dayzs later we had sex and he almost came inside of me. i feel bloated and very moody and i gotta go to the bathroom like every tenn minutes is it possile that im pregnant?


        Well how long ago did you have sex? I know that the feeling to pee so much only happens when are 6-8 weeks pregnant!…You’re not gonna be able to tell right away….its best to wait and see if you miss your next period!


          not to sound mean or ne thing but that was stupid….even if a guy doesn’t cum in you, u can still get pregnant because the pre-cum has sperm in it……you can even get pregnant on ur period……all u can do is wait till u either do or don’t have your next period and then u’ll be able to find out if your pregnant……


            hi im 13 and i had sex whith my bf i know stupid to do at 13 but what can u do any ways my ? for u is could i be pregnat the last time i had sex was amonth ago and the condam broke and then i took the morning after pill and then the next day had sex again and then a couple weeks after that again and now i havent had my period for a month and a week and i took 3 pregnancy tests and their all neg and i whent to the doctors and had a test and it was neg but im going back on wend whith my mom and im going to have a blood test and see for sure iv benn having mood swings back pain all kind of pain its really bad iv had diaghrea im hungrey iv gained 7 pounds and iv gotten alit taller my boobs have gotten bigger and their very soar and iv had one spot like a week ago its hard to poop and it stings to pee and it hurts to wear abrae i dont know if its because im growing or if im pregnat or if its because of the morning after pill i need help plz right back thn u oh and bf i forget iv been having a wright disharge and im sare all over and im hungrey and i have a streatch marck around vagina need help plz type back thnx

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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