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      My husband and I have been trying for the last two months to have a baby, last month I had a period as normal (Im not going to be suprised if i have one this month)…

      I have had a few period pain the last couple of days but have now gone (they can start again at any time). I usually have a week of my breasts not hurting me and the pain starts about a week before. Which I find strange as I have had sore boobs from last month until now. Straight throu!!

      I do go to the loo quite often, but when I do want to go recently It is quite intense pain and I have to go immediately?

      I have no eating habits at the present moment and I dont think my appetite has increased or decreased?

      But what has made me wonder today that I have come over quite ill today, went to the shop and thought I was going to throw up! queasy or what.. I cant remember the last time i felt like that (dont get me wrong it wasnt bad or really ill but it suprised me!).

      I have now a under a week to go for my next period and Ive got lots of thoughts going thr my head!

      I cant do a pregnacy test yet or is it too early to see the doctor?
      or am i really pregnant?

      tina hinton


        hun their are pregnancy test that you can take 5 days before your period. Worked for me, i hope the best for you and your husband!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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