preggo and alcoholic

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      im six months preggers and still drinkin alot, ppl tell me this aint good 4 my baby but i dont see what the big deal is, aint the kid gonna end up drinkin anyway?:P and im sick and tired of ppl tellin me what to do should i get an abortion b/c i never wanted this kid and i still dont,:angry: its destroying my body and how will i be able to still to party with the guys if i have a big fat belly?:angry:



        you should not be drinking or anything while you arr pregnant:angry: its not good for the baby:angry:

        If you dont want this baby give it up for adoption, but please stop drinking and partying while your pregnant for the babys sake



          thats terrible for the baby- you cant see what the big deal is but its called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. You wont lose the baby now that you are far along but if you drink a lot guess what FAS does? it can make your baby mentally and or physically retarded- so now you have a kid you dont want and the baby could have a whole bunch of problems that you have to deal with. makes your life way easy doesnt it? you shouldnt and cant get an abortion so far along but you sholdnt be having a baby and if you are so not ready for a baby then you shouldnt have sex because thats an adult decision. youll have to make a lot of those now. i definately recommend adoption so that your baby can have a good life with people who WANT him/her and arent acting selfish by worring about what is happening to their bodies and how guys arent going to want to party with mom or mom wont get to have sex as much at parties. your baby should be the most important thing and if its not then you should care enough to not ruin the rest of the baby’s life by drinking or maybe even keeping them. so many amazing couples would love to have your fantastic child! please stop drinking for your baby’s sake- and yours so you have less problems to deal with.

          38 weeks 2 days


            Hmmm, its not a good situation you are in if you have no love for your baby and don’t even want it. But i do have to say good on you for not going for the abortion.
            Are you keeping this baby or are you giving him/her up for a loving family?


              i lost a baby to drugs and alcohol and i regret that more than anything!:angry:you dont understand what you are doing to you and your baby! if you really dont want your baby that much then give it up for adoption! you know….abortion is not the only option! really! get on birth control when you have the baby if you dont want another one. If you think you are mature enough have sex then you are mature enough to deal with the consequences. i know what it is like to not want a baby. i didnt want my son and i was immature about it and i drank through out my pregnancy and i had my baby when i was six months along! and he died!!!! so watch yourself and really…. look into adoption….


                [i]What i dont understand is if your too concerned about your partying days and how your body looks, why are you so far along in the pregnancy. Its too late to be thinking about an abortion. There are other alternatives such as adoption. From the sound of it… your mad at the baby for what its doing to your body? You put your self in this situation, you need to take control of it,before it is possibly too late for your baby to have a healthy, safe, and loving enviroment when it is born.


                  I would never even believe that a women could post something this disgusting if I hadn’t read it myself.

                  You are surely depressed – as this is not normal healthy behavior.

                  PLEASE GET HELP

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