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      CAn you be pregnant, but haven’t had some of the symptoms? I’ve heard some prople don’t experience all symptoms.


        It’s possible, but extremely rare! If you are pregnant, you will have at least one or two symptoms. (Especially fatigue!) They can be mistaken for PMS.


          hi there
          im now 14 and i had a kid when i was 13, this is my story
          i had sex one night but i didnt think id be pregnant. my boyfriend told me to do a pt so i did and it was negitive and kept doing them put they all said i wasnt pregnant. i didnt have any symptoms and didnt get big so i guesed i wasnt pregnant so i didnt think much of it.
          BUT THEN in the middle of the night i got the most horrible pains in my tummy so i called my boyfriend and he came round and took me to the hospital there thay said that I WAS IN LABOR.
          so that was that i didnt have any symptoms i still had my period yet now i have
          a pretty little 1 yr old
          hope ive helped


            hi chillane i was wondering when u were pregnant but still had your periods was it anything differnt about like were they lite and lasted 4 a short amount of time, or were they like normal periods? i might b pregnant but i still have my period and its normal like if i wasnt i still think i am .please answer :unsure:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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