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      hey, im pregnant only 3weeks along.
      i recently started a new job and im going to need the money.
      when should i tell my boss im pregnant?im to scared i will get booted off..has anyone else been in this situation?
      im going to be careful with not slipping and things like that and so far have not been throwing up at all.
      im thinking to leave it till im 12 weeks then tell my boss so if i get fired i have some money.what should i do and how should i tell my boss when im going to be 12weeks?
      Please help


        tell him when you start showing, the more money you can save the better.


          u cant get fired bcuz ur preg..but i do agree to wait, just bcuz (not to sound morbid) if u have a miscarriage b4 u get to 12wks or so then u dont want to have to tell them that…and as for telling ur boss when u hit the 12 wks mark, just go ask for a minute in private, and tell him/her straight up that ur 12 wks preg so u will need to have personal the time off/maternity leave once u have ur baby…


            Yea i read up on that.. your boss cant fire you because its descrimination and its dont worry about that.


              I was talking to my boss ( because were really close ) and i was telling him i may be pregnant and if they would have to fire me?

              and he said thats he CANT fire me just because i was pregnant even if he wanted to…so im pretty sure thats illegal. but i live in oregon…dont know about where you are…

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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