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      i need help, last had my period march 20 and yesterday may 11 i had some spotting, bairly anything, and nothing today, done the test and nothing,


        If I were you, I would go to your doctor and discuss it with him/her. they will know what happens. When I was pregnant the first time, I tookd numerous amount of tests and they were all negative. I took another one and said this was the last one and it was positive ! By then I was already 2 months. I didn’t even know and I ended up having a miscarriage becasue I had been out drinking so much ! By then, I didn’t know what to do. After that my baby only lived for a week afer I had taken the test. Even after I took the test I knew that this baby wouldn’t make it. Now I am 30 weeks pregnant ! I am 17 also and this baby was a complete accident. but with this one it only took one test and it was positive



          If it has been that long since your last period, you should definitely take another pregnancy test and go see your doctor!!

          If you go to you can enter your city name and they will give you a list of centers near you where you can get a free and confidential pregnancy test. The ladies there are super sweet at the these centers! Let me know how everything goes!!


            i have a apt with my doctor on the 25th, and i just did another preg test yesterday and still neg, and still no period.. thank you

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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