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      My daughter Kaya is lucky to be alive , she was born 3 months early and was left fighting for her life . Heres how her story began :

      I was going in for my 6 month check , i was exhausted and wanted to get home , the doctor did the usual blood tests and heartbeats and i thought nothing was wrong until he told me to go and wait in his office . I sat nervously waiting trying not to panic , he came in and said "im so sorry but the baby isnt getting enough oxygen and nutrients , the heartbeat is slower than usual , we need to deliver her or she will die " , i sat shocked and started to cry , the thought of giving birth early made me panic and i felt terrified for my baby .

      The day of the delivery was a blur , i remember the midwife telling me that she was going to induce me , after a few hours i was pushing , the doctors became concerned as she wasnt moving down , so it was decided that i would have a c section . As i was wheeled down to theatre with My fiance Kyle by my side , all thoughts rushed threw me "what if she doesnt make it ?" what if she dies?" , as soon as i heard her tiny cry i cried with releif , my beautiful daughter was alive and was certianly making alot of noise .

      For the nxt few weeks of her her life she was in an incubator , i stood watching her eyes filled with tears , my heart praying that shell hold on, we were at her side constantly praying and hoping , as my little girl lay there sleeping , fists curled up little feet tucked into little wooly booties a small pink hat placed over her head i couldnt help wondering about life without her , the thought filled me with fear and dread .

      As 2 more weeks passed , she was stronger and healthier and was gaining weight , i was so happy when the doctor told me i could finally take my precious baby home , as i walked threw the mbu with her wrapped in a pink shawl i couldnt help crying out loud , thanking god for saving her . Now she is a happy 3 month old and i thank god that she is still with us i tend to make every moment of her as special as she is .



        That must have been so emotional and frightening to go through! I’m so glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. Best wishes to you both!



          I’m soo happy for you and your precious baby girl. My son was also born early but only by a month and two weeks. It’s hard to watch your child lay in the incubator with the wires and IVs and oxygen. Then have to go home without him/her everyday. Every night I would think about how my son was doing so far away in a hospital while I was home. I felt bad for him, in his first days/weeks of life, he has had more IV’s and needles than I’ve had in my life! Babies are strong though and God watches over them. My son is now a healthy 15 month old and after reading your post, I look back to when his monitors would beep and he wouldn’t eat on his own. He walks and talks and eats candy haha and even BITES now!! We’re very blessed with strong children and as they grow up, we as mothers will remember their first month and how hard it was for them to survive it. Good luck with your three month old, shes a strong baby for all shes been through!! I’m glad shes doing well!


            [b] Only another parent of a preemie can truely understand what that was like for you. I am the mother of 2 preemies, and 2 full term children. My preemies were born at 35 and 36wk gestations. My 36wker is only 3mnths old and while I was spared the NICU with him, we still have problems with him forgetting to breathe. My 35wker almost died at delivery. I had a severe infection called Chorioamnioitis, which is a uterine infection, which caused PROM. She had to be induced for me to deliver her, and crashed shortly after birth. The first 2 days of her life, they couldnt even tell me if she would make it, she was so deathly ill. All I could do besides cry, was sit and rub her arm and legs and pray. I never prayed more in my life than I did while waiting for the news about my daughter’s health. Watching her endure test after test, including a spinal tap to check for menigitis when she was only 3hrs old, left me exhausted and heartbroken. I was so grateful for the other preemie moms in the NICU to talk to. They helped me through so much and they will always be in my hearts. We formed bonds you can only form in the NICU. I am so happy that your preemie is doing well. Mine too is doing awesome. My lil angel baby that almost died is 23mnths old and will celebrate her 2nd birthday Jan 2nd. She has no ill effects from her rocky start and surprisingly is the healthiest of any of my children. Just proves God still does miracles.



              Hey Sweetie…Im very happy you and your daughter are ok….VERY 🙂

              I just wanted to say that i was born…

              5 months, and only weighed 2 pounds and a lil while longer i had dropped to 1 1/2 pounds and i thank god that i fought for my life….

              Congrats on ur baby girl she’s truely BLESSED!!


                my mom was born 6 months premature but if seh wasnt born then neither her or my grandmother ould be alive today because my grandmother lost so much blood i think its amazing that she was born 6 months easrly and still survived iguess she was a miricle baby and im happy that she did otherwise i wouldnt be here today and neither would my little girl

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