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      okay so i know there are chances of getting pregnant from pre ejaculating. The day we had sex, i happened to check my charts and it says i was ovulating and most fertile. Even though he didnt bust inside, with that precum and me ovulating do You think there is a bigger chance of getting preggo? Im kinda freaking out, because me and him are still young, and are both going through divorces and well i think it will be a big step of us having a kid. Im not supposed to get my period till the 26th of june. So should i try taking a test before the 26th or just wait till after? What are signs? Has anyone ever gotten pregnant from precum?? Please let me know.

      princess Angela


        It will be best if you wait till after your period is expected as the level of hormone in ur body wont be enough for the test to detect i was a month pregnant before it would register on the test. I hope this helps.

        Hope you can figure it out.



          you can indeed get pregnant from pre cum, because, it still has sperm in it, and it only takes on sperm. you were ovulating which now means that you have a high chance of falling pregnant.
          when are you due for your period?


            i wud say ur probably NOT pregnant. i was in this exact same situation 2months ago and nothing came of it hun so dont worry x


              Hi, the withdrawl method is definately not a form of contraception, i have a daughter that proves it!, wait untill your period is late to take a test.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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