Potty training!

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      I strongly feel my daughter who is 19months old is ready for potty training but i am stuck on where to start!
      tonight i let her wander without a nappy and she had a wee but said uhoh and sat on her potty after … then she pooed which shocked us both a bit as i whisked her off her feet and onto the potty which i think gave her a fright and now im worried iv set her back. she did sum of the poo in the potty but was horrified and started crying shouting uhoh.
      iv never told her off for accidents, only praised her for good things but she seemed terrified.
      duno how to get this done! any help please!!


        :laugh: Oh my gosh!!

        I would be so glad to take this one!! It is a cute thing when little ones learn about the potty. I’m sure we could just have a blast sharing potty stories with you. But I’ll save that for later and tell you what I know…..

        After potty training many little ones, my best advice is to wait atleast until they have the vocabulary to understand what it’s for. “Big girls wear panties”, “You can be clean all the time”, or whatever you want to relate it to. Just sitting them down on it to see what will happen isn’t going to train. You may get lucky a few times…but more times than not, they will not want to stay there long and accidents will occur more now that you’ve introduced another place for them to potty. “should I go in my diaper? should I go in the panties? should I go back to the plastic thing in the bathroom? How about behind the couch…..then I won’t be bothered.” (she’s now a straight A student) The excitement from you and dad may be too much for her little mind as well. We make sure in our house when a little one is potty training, no one is allowed to be overly excited when witnessing the miracle. Hold your applause please!! It embarrasses them while their trying so hard. These are all the scenarios I’ve encountered with even the easily trained babies.

        Timing is critical. Not necessarily by age either. It’s going to confuse them if it’s done too soon. If they pull off the potty with the slightest bit of confusion or anxiety…it’s best to wait a few more months. It may only take a few weeks, and then you can try it again if you feel she understands. Remember, it’s not what or when we want it…it should be when the little one is ready and can handle it without stress. In reality, they won’t go to kindergarten with a diaper on…..unless of course there’s other problems. Some of my little ones were trained right at 2yrs. (24 mos) Others were a bit longer into later part of 2nd year, almost 3. (with accidents at night and day when there was stress) And well, boys take much longer….but if you don’t have a boy, no worries for now.

        Be patient!! You’re being very loving by not scolding her. She’ll get it when she gets a bit more mature. Some may frown upon the suggestion, but I’m giving it to you anyway. Take her into the potty with you and let her watch mommy. We’re all girls, right? :blush: They’ll learn fastest that way, or with big sister. I have a little one training right now, and she’s a little over 2, and goes into the bathroom with us older girls, but when I’ve tried to let her sit at her request, she hops right down. Could care less about training!!

        It’s all up to the individual baby. Enjoy the training and take notes for the next one. Good luck!! Congratulations on being a Mommy!!

        God bless,


          At 18mths i noticed my girl taking off her nappy etc. she saw what happens when you sit on the toilet.
          So i brought one of those cheap pottys to start off with and stuk her on it..sort of like playtime with it but told her it was for wee wee’s etc.

          Eventually she ended up using it. So even if they dont use it straight away its there and you tell her to go in the potty or the other option is the seat attachment for the toilet.

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